MISSGUIDED:Summer Denim For All Sizes

Tall, petite, Plus or curvy? Don’t worry babe we have you covered for any shape or size this summer with our new denim range. A piece for any occasion whether it’s a day in the sun, holiday nights or a casual day at home! See below how are girls are styling some of our new in denim pieces!

Tall girl problems = Dresses too short! Our new tall range includes this gorgeous denim dress, perfect length to either dress up or down! Nneka, also styling our tall ripped jeans with a simple white crop for a casual daytime look.
Our plus range keeps dropping more and more pieces with swim recently launching! However our key denim pieces are always on trend for you this summer! We’re loving La’Tecia’s ripped denim skirt – We recommend teaming with a white milkmaid top and mules for a fab daytime look.
Nyarie styling 4 must have looks this summer. White denim is a key piece you need to add to your wardrobe and we’re loving the white denim dress! And you can never go wrong with ‘jeans and a nice top’ a white blouse/top always goes well with blue denim and heels!
Denim never looked so good! Shop our petite denim range now to get all your fave holiday pieces. Dennaya styling some of our fave denim shorts from the collection, teaming with gorgeous cowboy and knee high boots – another definite must!!


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Think how popular you’d be if you were sandwiched between the sea and a load of vineyards. Add some glorious Mediterranean sunshine and it’s easy to see where St Tropez’s appeal comes from. Purely in the name of research, here’s our guide on where to stay and visit and, more importantly, what to wear when you’re there.
Wear this
Go glam or go home. Save your Scandi minimalism for Stockholm mini-breaks – St Tropez calls for all-out drama. In this satin maxi dress, you’ll want to set aside a full hour for ‘fit pics casually in front of one of the yachts in the port. Pair with classic lace-up stilettos, this season’s obsession – the micro bag – and gold hoops, and you’ll fit right into the Riviera’s most fashionable fishing village. Remember, the bigger the hoop, the better the night.
Stay here
You won’t be surprised to learn that St Tropez is not the humble fishing village it once was. It’s earned its current pricey reputation from a love of designer boutiques and clubs where a shot of tequila will set you back €26. For those not lucky enough to be sleeping on one of the superyachts parked nearby, it’s worth saving up for a stay at the Hotel Ermitage. Just five minutes from Place des Lices – famous for its open-air market and locals playing pétanque – you’re a stiletto-friendly downhill walk to the narrow alleyways and quaint cobblestones of the port (FYI, the return journey may not be as forgiving). Moody black corridors, shower cubicles in the bedrooms and a popular terrace with a birds-eye view of the action make this not your typical stay.
Visit here
Let’s face it, you don’t head to St Tropez for its museums. If there was a title for the beach club capital of the world, it’d be a strong contender. While you can still find several public beaches that are worth a visit and free – locals are especially fond of Plage des Graniers – St Tropez’s world-famous rep largely comes from the daybeds and free-flowing rosé that you’ll find along Pampelonne.

Launched in the summer of 2002, Nikki Beach Saint-Tropez is still very much the OG – there’s a reason the brand’s turning 20 this year. Here, every day’s a pool party, legendary all-white and red dress codes are strictly adhered to, and there’s a regular line-up of colourful cocktails and guest DJs including the likes of Lost Frequencies. For a more laid-back vibe and even more famous faces per square metre, get your moules frites just along the beach at Club 55.


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TOPSHOP:We Spoke To Drag Superstar Trixie Mattel And Learnt Some Very Important Life Lessons

Two successful albums, countless sold out shows all around the world, a documentary and a Drag Race crown – Trixie Mattel has come a long way since she first burst onto the Milwaukee drag scene in 2008. Today, she can call herself a musician, stand up comedian, entertainer and entrepreneur, and has just launched her very own make-up brand ‘Trixie Cosmetics‘. But it doesn’t stop there: in August the pop culture icon is headed to Dragworld London, Europe’s largest drag convention, and returns to the UK in early 2020 for a full length theatre tour. So how does this all-around superstar come up with her ever-changing Retro looks and new material for her comedy shows and music? We spoke to Trixie Mattel to find out more about her inspirations, her next album and the drag fandom – and got some important life lessons along the way…
First of all, let’s talk Dragworld – what can fans expect from you at the event?
I love to do a theme and I’m always trying to find a way to be able to sit down, so I usually have some kind of pink chair with me. I would love to bring some lighting to Dragworld, because I heard that there’s natural lighting and I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to do a drag event with natural lighting… Then I always bring some extra special merchandise along and some brand new items too.
Why do you think events like Dragworld, where artists and fans come together, are so valuable to the community and fanbase?
I think a lot of people want to meet their queens in real life, because we mean a lot to them and they want to say something to us. For me it’s all about selling things – I’m here to shake teenage girls down for their mom’s money. That’s what I’m about. I have a hard time taking things seriously, so when people tell me really personal things I never really know what to say. There’s no profile for a Trixie fan, it’s a lot of young girls – often girls who like girls – and they are the best! They’re so sweet and enthusiastic and come to meet me decked out in Trixie make-up and they all look awesome. People will get up earlier to get in drag for a drag convention than the drag queens!
You’re also set to return to the UK with a brand new one woman show in early 2020, can you give us a glimpse at what to expect?
My new show is all about Trixie Mattel growing up. I’m turning 30, I just bought a house, I have a boyfriend of three years, and I have kind of accomplished a lot of things in my career that I wanted to accomplish. The show is about reaching an age where you go ‘oh god, am I supposed to be a grown up?!’, reflecting on your life and the way you handled things and deciding if you’re acting like an adult. I mean, I’m an adult man who basically dresses like a little girl and I have a doll collection… In a lot of ways I do not act like an adult. So the show is also reflection on who gets to decide what an adult is. I’m going to explore all of that through comedy and music. Again I’m not Oprah or RuPaul. I never try to help anybody, I’m just trying to make people laugh. To me, laughing through the darker things is key. ‘Oh we’re all wonderful’ is never my message, it’s more ‘we’re all pieces of shit and that’s why it’s fine’. You are a piece of shit, just like everyone else – we’re all garbage! Unifying people through laughter is the best, and when it comes to comedy I never try to be patronising.
At your live shows you do a wide mix of different things including comedy, music, lip synching, playing the guitar, autoharp and clarinet. What would you say is your favourite type of performance?
I love doing the stand-up comedy, that’s like my bread and butter. I love talking and telling jokes, so that’s probably what I enjoy most. The songs, I throw in more as a punctuation. I never like a show to be all music, but I love to play my guitar and do comedy music. Last year, at my tour ‘Skinny Legend’, I did a lot of comedy songs which I’d never really gotten into until then. I think in my next show I’m going to have even more absurdity, and the music is going to be a bit more stupid and fun. And it’ll be faster, music you’ll want to drink to. Normally I do country music and everything is mid-tempo and sombre, but I feel like nowadays I want the music to be a little more like candy and less like a meal.
Do you have a pre-show ritual?
Well yeah, I sit down and get into drag for two hours. There’s no way around that. I usually have half a red bull and a green juice and then I usually have to do a meet and greet with a 100+ people. So there’s no time for burning sage and praying. I do get nervous, so I usually sit with my guitar and just play right before the show. It keeps my hands busy and my mind from freaking out. I just did Calgary Stampede in Canada, which is a country festival, and my guitar was on stage before the show – so I was backstage and just sitting there and that’s when I noticed that I really depend on my guitar to not freak out.
What’s been your impression of the UK fanbase compared to the fans in the US?
People in the UK are drunker, younger and more dressed up. Just in general. They have coloured hair, a full face of make-up and cool outfits. They’re generally more supportive. People love drag in the UK. In the US I think they’re spoilt. I usually come once a year, and my audience that love Trixie will show up. They plan ahead and buy tickets a year in advance. My next show isn’t even done yet, I’m writing it right now, so it’s nice to know that on the other side there definitely will be an audience. People are buying tickets to a show I haven’t even finished yet, where I’ll be playing songs from an album I haven’t even finishing writing yet!
Speaking of your next album, can we expect that soon?
Yes, I’m working on it right now! As you can tell from my latest song ‘Yellow Cloud’ it’s a new sound. It’s a little more ’60s folk, a little more radio, and a little more fun, glossy and glittery. I did two albums that were like a meal, so I wanted to something that’s like dessert. Really sweet, enjoyable and low calorie. Low emotional calorie. Anyone who knows my music, knows that I really like to be dramatic, but I’m ready for an album that’s not that.
What was the inspiration behind ‘Yellow Cloud’?
I was on tour and I missed my boyfriend. The song is really a daydream about ‘what if I didn’t have all this responsibility and work’? What if we just had astro turf and lived in a bomb shelter home like the one the live in in the movie Blast from the Past. What if we lived in the little Retro perfect picket fence house? It’s a song about how love feels almost surreal. It takes you to a place that’s not really reality.
From music, to your own cosmetics line, a one-woman tour and a documentary – you’ve branched out into quite a few fields in your career. Is there anything that’s still on your bucket list?
Oh yeah, I’ve done a little bit of game shows but I just love them, so I want to do more. Not to be competing, but being the celebrity guest. I would also love to do more music festivals. As I said I just did Stampede and it was surreal. It’s a huge huge event. I would love to do Coachella and that kind of stuff. Really cool big stuff that nobody gets to do. In the drag world I think I’ve kind of done a lot of it and I love being the first drag queen to do XYZ. Love that.
Are there any plans for your documentary Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts to be released internationally?
Yes, it’ll be purchased and distributed!
Your style has evolved quite a bit since you first started out and has spanned a few decades including the ‘70s and ‘80s. Right now it feels like you’ve arrived in the ‘60s, where do you get your fashion inspiration from?
When I’m putting together the new Trixie of that year I kind of treat my brain like a blender and throw things in that I think belong. I’ve been listening to a lot of ’60s music recently, like Dusty Springfield and The Beatles, and a lot of ’90s bands that sound ’60s, like Fountains of Wayne and Weezer. Then I’ve been watching reruns of The Brady Bunch and the beauty icons I’ve been following have been Nancy Sinatra and Dusty Springfield. My favourite Barbie dolls to collect are also 1965 to 1975, so that decade of mod clothing is really inspiring to me. I also just rewatched Austin Powers! With this new sound in my music I’m moving away from the Yeehaw a little bit and leaning more into the handclaps.
How do you use social media in your job?
For my personal one, the Trixie Mattel one, I kind of just post whatever I think is funny and interesting that day. Today I tweeted me wearing a female latex mask. Lately I’ve been posting a lot of photos of the dolls in my doll collection and people seem to really like that. I actually did a poll asking if people like the doll posts or not and the response was overwhelming, so I’ll keep posting them. For my cosmetics Instagram it’ll be product photos and I love to repost looks of when people use the cosmetics, a lot of the looks that these young girls do are so beautiful.
What was the most valuable lesson you’ve learned in your career so far?
That nobody knows what they’re doing. You don’t know what you’re doing, but guess what? Nobody else does. I feel like an imposter all the time. When I did Stampede I definitely felt like an imposter. It was all these real musicians and I’m a cross dresser. But then I realised that nobody knows what they’re doing. That’s why I never think twice about what I’m doing! If I think it’s right and it makes sense with my gut I’m doing it. When I pitched the ‘Yellow Cloud’ music video people were like ‘that sounds crazy’, but I to me it felt right and good. Or with the cosmetics line, people were telling me that no one would want a heart-shaped lipstick. But I just follow my own trumpet.
Do you have any advice for anyone who would like to get into a creative job, but doesn’t know how or even what they want to do yet?
Just do whatever you think is right and don’t ask if it’s correct or what it means. When I first started doing drag I had no plan, I just dressed up. I don’t know why I did it. I had no exact plan for Trixie. I was throwing darts and then I would look at the dart and see where it landed and got closer and closer in time. Don’t try to think about your finished product, just do whatever you think is right and be pleasantly surprised. I never really know what I’m feeling or thinking, but when it’s done I notice I did know but I just had to kind of figure it out. I knew where I was headed and just followed my gut. Anytime you second guess yourself, it’s that second guess that’s always the wrong thing. That’s what you’re going to regret. You’re never going to regret following your gut.


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TOPSHOP:How To Live Like A Local On Your Next City-Break

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been counting down the days until your summer getaway for months now. It’s finally getting close so, to help you dress the part and the make the most of your much-deserved break, we’ve put together this quick style and site-seeing guide tailored to the unique vibe of five holiday hotspots. Whether you’re headed to the seaside town of St Ives or the bustling city of Barcelona, we’ve got you covered…

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark
    When it comes to Scandi style, less is definitely more. For a nod to Nordic minimalism, stick to a neutral colour palette and add detail with tortoiseshell accessories.
    And for the cultural part… Once your outfit is sorted, head to the very aesthetic Louisiana Museum of Modern Art to discover the work of Pipilotti Rist. “Åbn min lysning (Open My Glade)” is the Swiss artist’s first major exhibition in Scandinavia, and made of installations, textile works and video projections on ceilings, walls and floors. A must-see when in the Danish capital.
    Pipilotti Rist – Åbn min lysning (Open My Glade) is showing from 1st March to 22nd September, 2019 at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.
  2. Barcelona, Spain
    For a vibrant destination like Barcelona, opt for a relaxed, silky slip dress that will take you from daytime strolls around Park Güell to sangria-filled evenings with ease. Then think Spanish sun with warm, orange and gold accessories.
    And for the cultural part… Pablo Picasso is a key figure in Spanish Art so you really should run to the Picasso Museum to discover their latest exhibition. “In The Name Of The father” explores the legacy of Pablo Picasso today through a selection of various contemporary artists’ works which highlight their connection with Picasso.
    In The Name Of The Father is showing from 7th June to 24th September, 2019 at the
    Museu Picasso.
  3. Nice, France
    The French Riviera is practically synonymous with chicness and sophistication. So, if a trip to Nice is on the horizon, go for this polka-dot co-ord with feminine, tiered ruffles and pair with this season’s favourite strippy sandals in coral.
    And for the cultural part… When in France do like the French so keep the luxe fashion vibes going from your stroll on the Promenade des Anglais to the departmental museum of Asian Arts. In their current exhibition “Asia dreamed by Yves Saint Laurent” you will be able to discover the outfits, costumes, sketches and photographs of the famous French couture designer inspired by Japanese, Indian and Chinese influences.
    L’Asie rêvée d’Yves Saint Laurent is showing from 6th April to 6th October 2019 at the Musée Départemental des Arts Asiatiques.
  4. Berlin, Germany
    Channel the German capital’s underground, subculture scene with a grungy look of ripped denim and dark sheer. Finish with sharp, patent boots and metallic accessories to add edge.
    And for the cultural part… It was once the Berlin Wall, now it’s the longest open-air gallery in the world! Immediately after the wall came down, 118 artists from 21 countries began painting the East Side Gallery, and it officially opened as an open air gallery in 1990. Just over a year later, it was given protected memorial status. Some of the works at the East Side Gallery are particularly popular, such as Dmitri Vrubel’s Fraternal Kiss. Don’t miss it…
    East Side Gallery is a permanent exhibition in Friedrichshain, Berlin.
  5. St Ives, England
    A pretty slip skirt in ice-cream coloured florals is perfect for a day exploring the quaint Cornish town of St Ives. Keep those pastel tones running through your accessories and remember, nothing says day-by-the-beach like a wicker bag and sea-shell jewellery.
    And for the cultural part… After the beach or some tasty fish and chips, you should visit the Tate St Ives which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. “The EY exhibition: Van Gogh and Britain” brings together 50 of Van Gogh’s most famous works like Shoes, Starry Night over the Rhône, L’Arlésienne. This exhibition shows how his love for the British culture impacted his paintings.
    The EY exhibition: Van Gogh and Britain is showing from 27th March to 11th August 2019 at the Tate, St Ives.


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TOPSHOP:3 Of The Coolest Ways To Wear Boots In Summer

Think boots are just for winter? Ditch the sandals and give your summer daytime looks a subtle edge with a pair of boots this season. Whether you pair them with your floral maxi or your favourite denim shorts, we’ve styled three looks that will make you want to dust off your boots for the sunshine.

  1. London Cowgirl
    Channel your inner cowgirl with blue denim shorts and a pair of Western boots. Think summer breeze with a floaty blouse perfect for your festival outfit. Accessorised with mirrored sunglasses and a bright bag this look takes you from the Wild West to the West End.
  2. Modern Twiggy
    Toughen up your girliest dress with a pair of chunky heeled boots. Add a wicker bag for the perfect summer daytime accessory. With bright florals and some white oversized sunnies this look is giving us total ’60s vibes.
  3. Off Duty
    Pair our most-loved satin skirt with a pair of Western boots for that ultimate rock chick look. With a white tee and a hair clip, this look masters the ‘I just threw this on’ vibe. Finish it off with some tinted sunglasses and a mini black bag to give it a chic touch.


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Logos are undoubtedly having a moment this season, whether it’s nostalgic brands making a comeback with old-school prints or new brands we love to wear (and show we’re wearing). And, let’s be honest, we’re doing everyone a favour letting them know who made those fresh garms without them having to ask. Here are five of the brands going loco for logos this season.
London-based brand House of Holland is known for its love of the written word, whether it’s a quirky slogan that leaves us saying ‘same’ or something tongue in cheek that’s a whole Monday morning mood. For this graphic top they’ve gone for a straight-forward logo moment – pair it with legging shorts and chunky trainers for sporty-sleek vibes.
Caution! Massive 90s nostalgia coming your way. Kappa belongs to era of effortless athleisure and logomania, but a bumbag like this somehow still feels so right for now. See this one as your trusted partner in crime this summer, keeping you hands free through a three-day festival.
Italian label Fiorucci never really stopped being a thing, but since they refocused the brand to be about denim and far-from-basic basics, their signature cherubs seem to be on everyone’s mind, mouth, chest and back pockets.
Tommy Jeans never disappoint, serving up that full-on Americana feeling with laid-back pieces adorned the branding we know and love (and you can spot from miles away). Layer a sweatshirt like this over slip dresses, add popping highlighter and fresh brows and – ta-da! – effortless glam.
The platform sneakers from everyone’s favourite brand from their awkward-pre-teen phase, Buffalo, made a major comeback last year, and it didn’t stop there. Continuing the brand’s strong footwear game, these sandals are your perfect festival plus one, holiday BFF and Friday night dance partner. Style them with glitter socks for that extra extra or why not throw on neon ones? Cos, ICYMI, neon’s a major thing this season.


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TOPSHOP:How To Tackle Summer Special Occasions If You Don’t Like Dresses

Is it just us, or does it feel like there is a different special occasion in our diaries every week at the moment? Sounds like it’s about time we update our smart summer wardrobe! And – plot twist – there’s a lot more to occasionwear than just dresses. If dresses just aren’t really your thing or you just want to do things a bit differently this season, we’ve rounded up our favourite looks starring trousers, skirts, suits and jumpsuits…

  1. Shimmer & Shine
    Combine a pair of satin trousers with our much-loved puff sleeve crop top, and add some sparkly accessories for a glamorous finishing touch.
  2. Pink lady
    A pair of slouch satin trousers and pink silk top secure your place in the spotlight of every event. Add some coordinating green accessories to create a head-turning moment.
  3. Something Blue
    Our blue satin suit will definitely make a statement at any occasion. Keep the rest of the look simple by adding a white cami, strappy heels, a classic handbag and an on-trend hair clip.
  4. Casual cool
    Opt for a cool V-neck jumpsuit and combine it with a pair of some bold orange colour-pop heels, our much loved tortoiseshell acrylic grab bag and add some glam with some cute pearl hair slides.
  5. Hint of Lime
    Look effortlessly chic in our silver skirt suit. Pair it with a white bodysuit for that ultimate cool-girl vibe and bold tonal accessories to add some summer vibrance.


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Every vacation destination has its own unique style – especially when it comes to going out-out. And anyone who’s ever been turned away from a club for not meeting the dress code (awks) will know that there’s nothing worse than getting it wrong. To give you a hand, we’ve picked three of the most hyped party spots and created an outfit for each. Bouncers, we dare you to turn us down.
Ibiza Rocks
Everyone together now – ‘Oh! We’re going to Ibiza.’ OK, iconic Vengaboys tunes aside, getting your ‘fit right for going back to the island is no laughing matter. The key? Make the colour extra AF, show as much skin as possible and make sure there is plenty of sparkle. Whether you’re hitting Pacha or Glitterbox, this sequin green mini dress and heels are guaranteed to make you stand out, but also fit in – if you get what we mean.
Dubai Fly
For Dubai things get a little bit more sophisticated – think a slightly more polished look in muted colours. This draped dress by ASOS DESIGN ticks the fancy box, but also brings that little bit of fun thanks to its animal jacquard print. Perspex heels and silver add-ons go perfectly, don’t ya think? Bonus points: this is perfect for a White Party too, if that’s on your itinerary.
Berlin Wins
And now for something completely different: Berlin. The one rule when it comes to dressing for a night out in the German city? The more effort you put into looking like you haven’t made an effort, the better. We’re talking black, black and more black. Keep it laid-back with sweatpants and a 90s-style crop top, adding chunky sandals for peak dance-flooring. Then, pack some shades in a cross-body bag to shield from that after-club early morning sun. To finish, ensure your hair is messy and your makeup minimal – otherwise you might not be getting past those bouncers. Berghain awaits.


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TOPSHOP:5 Tips To Get That Holiday Feeling Even If You’re Not On Holiday

Feeling like everyone is going on holiday, and you’re the only one who hasn’t planned a trip yet this summer? Don’t despair, because there are plenty of things you can do to get that holiday feeling even if you’re stay at home…
Trying food from a different country for the first time can be really exciting. Why don’t you kick off with the Ethiopian cuisine, which has some of the world’s most unique and delicious food to offer – plus it’s very light which is perfect for summer! But trying new fruits, or simply buying a fresh coconut, could also be a great way to achieve that tropical island feeling…
Music affects our mood a lot, so consider updating your summer playlist with some happy vibes and songs that remind you of being on holiday. Close your eye and imagine being at the beach with palm trees all around you and the warm sun on your face…
Accessories inspired by the sea aren’t just a holiday thing. Update your look with some cute sea shell jewellery that will give you a similar feeling to buying souvenirs on a trip abroad.
Missing that amazing feeling of feeling the warm sand on your toes? You don’t have to go to the beach to do that! Head to your favourite beach bar to get the experience without having to buy an expensive plane ticket.
Nothing is more relaxing than getting pampered in a beautiful spa. You will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and revitalised and almost as if you’ve just come back from a short holiday. Discover our guide to the best ones to try this summer…


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Ah, the US of A. Birthplace of chocolate-chip cookies, hip-hop and some seriously good fashion moments. And seeing as it’s July 4, and the United States team have just made it to the final of the football (sorry, Lionesses), we thought we’d put together an outfit inspired by our Stateside friends. Keep scrolling to see it in all its (old) glory.
In case you didn’t know, jeans originated from San Francisco – so it would be rude not to include some denim in an all-American ensemble. And what better option for the hot summer than an easy denim dress? So cute, as our US mates would say. Then, star-spangled cowboy boots are a must. Why, you ask? For two reasons: firstly, as we all know, cowboys are an iconic American symbol. Secondly, it just so happens the Western trend is everywhere ATM – see the catwalks (Burberry and Longchamp) if you need any proof. For the finishing touches, add shades, hair clips and hoops. Oh, say can you see a perfect look for BBQs, festivals and everything in between? The American dream, indeed.


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