Why ZARA Stores Became a Customer Magnet

Zara’s understanding of customers drives its decisions for how it designs, produces product, and stocks its stores. Zara works to appeal to the emotional desire of “fashionistas” to be one of the first and one of the few to own a particular item of clothing. This emotional desire pulls customers back into the stores; it is their magnet for customer repurchasing. To constantly earn this devotion, Zara’s “Fast Fashion” operation integrates design, manufacturing, and distribution, all managed from their headquarters outside La Coruna, Spain. To create exclusivity, they produce small batches of each style.
Three hundred designers work to create the continuous stream of new looks in their stores, resulting in 20,000 new designs a year. Zara wants customers coming back into their stores, where they will always find new products, in limited quantities. This is how Zara creates urgency to buy now. The blue blouse she loves today may be gone tomorrow.

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