First Impressions of ZARA and Mango

First impressions of ZARA:

My visit coincides with the summer sales and Zara is, well, a bit of a mess. To the Bullring branch’s credit, they’ve tried to keep the front of the shop in some relative order – racks of dresses, jackets and skirts are hung up and organised by colour – but the back of the store is chaotic. It is the sale though, and incredibly busy.

First impressions of Mango:

There’s a sale going on here too, but you wouldn’t necessarily know it. The shop sits on the Middle Mall of the Bullring and is quiet and pleasantly calm for a Saturday afternoon (perhaps I missed the rush). It is bright and tidy – everything is folded or hung neatly by size – and displays are labelled with pink signs telling you how much clothes are reduced by. The branch is smaller than Zara, so choice is more limited.

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