Best Face Forward: Detoxing With Dior

You’re bombarded with toxins in every aspect of life – in the clothes you wear, the medications you take, the food you eat, even the air you breathe. Luckily, you can improve your life by detoxing. You may wonder, though, isn’t that what livers are for?

Livers, unfortunately, can filter only so much. Every day, you face so many toxins they get stored in your body’s cells – 7 billion daily, to be exact. That’s why detoxing has become such a hot topic.

Fortunately, Dior has simplified detoxing with One Essential (Dillard’s, Neiman Marcus, $100 to $158). The company created a serum-like skin treatment that supposedly removes 100 percent of identified toxins. It contains red hibiscus, which can recharge the mitochondria – the powerhouse of cells. That produces an anti-fatigue effect in the skin, which, by removing toxins, improves cell performance. For anti-aging skin care users, benefits should increase up to fourfold.

One Essential’s simple to use, too. Cleanse, tone and use your detox serum; then proceed with your normal skin care routine. Made for both day and night use, the Dior offering enhances any products, including prescription ones.

Sometime this month, the Chesterfield, Saint Louis Galleria and St. Clair Square Dillard’s also are scheduled to receive another new Dior product – the spray-on Detox Toner – that promises to detox the surface of the skin before skinSkin is the soft outer covering of vertebrates. care application.

Although you might think regular cleansing and toning do that, cleansing removes dirt, oil and makeup, but not many environmental toxins. Reportedly, this new Dior productIn marketing, a product is anything that can be offered to a market that might satisfy a want or need. In retailing, products are called merchandise. In manufacturing, products are bought as raw materials and sold as finished goods. Commodities are usually raw materials such as metals and agricultural products, but a commodity can also be anything widely available in the open market. effectively removes everything a normal toner does, as well as all environmental toxins that have attached themselves to your skin throughout the day or night. The toxins’ removal prevents them from being pushed into your skin when you apply other products. It also allows your expensive serums to penetrate deeper, boosting their effects. [LN dingbat]

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