The myth goes that curlers are only necessary for our poker-straight sisters out there. But really, the demand is also high from us in-between hair type gals. Shout out to the bed heads, frizz-ease addicts and girls who wavy – this one’s for you…

Curl power
Hot-mess hair can be v fun but some days just call for something a little more sleek. If you’re bored of playing it straight I feel you – re-ignite your passion for heated stylers (a minute of silence for your 90s crimping irons please) with these four legit amazing curlers.

The curl is mine
Straight in with a big hitter, the BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl is – at first look – scary af but at second look, the best thing you’ll ever own. It’s easy: choose one of three timer settings (from beach baby to 80s perm), feed your hair through the styler and wait for your transformation. It’s a multi-tasker’s dream.

BaByliss PRO Perfect Curl, £150

Big curls don’t cry
This smooth wand from Cloud Nine is here to give you Hollywood hair (#blessed). You’ll need to section large pieces to get the most out of this curler and be sure to use the protective glove provided. Look at that, you’re basically Blake Lively already.

Cloud Nine The Waving Wand, £99

Curl talk
Taking on deep waves, this ghd styler has an oval-shaped barrel designed to create stylesStyle is a manner of doing or presenting things, especially a fashionable one. that last. For best results, hold the wand at an angle as you style and brush through your curls at the end.

ghd Curve Classic Wave, £120

What a curl wants
If you’re into mixing up your looks, this crowd-pleaser from Eva NYC is about to hit your ‘want’ list. It’s got four style barrels for different levels of silky smooth curls and is super light and easy to use. That’s hot.

Eva NYC Interchangeable Barrel Curler, £100


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