How I Got My Louis Vuitton Neverfull At A Discount

Happy Hump Day homies!

Alright – let’s get into it: I want to introduce you guys to the mystical, magical, fairy tale world of pre-owned designerA designer is a person who designs. More formally, a designer is an agent that “specifies the structural properties of a design object”.[1] In practice, anyone who creates tangible or intangible objects, products, processes, laws, games, graphics, services, and experiences is referred to as a designer. bags, like the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag I wear in these pics. And more specifically, I want to introduce you to Vestiaire Collective. Have you heard of them? If you haven’t, you can thank me later because I’m about to blow your mind. And if you have but haven’t ever purchased anything from them, I’m going to ease you to the edge of that cliff and tell you to confidently jump right off!

Vestiaire Collective is a site where you can buy pre-owned designer items. Everything from shoes to clothes to handbagsA handbag, also called purse or pouch in North American English, is a handled medium-to-large bag, often used by women, to carry personal items. from designers like Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Prada, Chloe – all of them!

And I’ll be honest – I had a healthy amount of skepticism about buying from a site like this. How do I know if the bag is real? How do I know that it will arrive looking as good as it did in the picture online? How do I know it will ever arrive at all?

Well, I had the opportunity to team up with Vestiaire Collective to try out ordering from their site and see how the whole process works, and let me tell you guys: I am now a full-on BELIEVER!!

My experience could not have been more seamless. I got on there knowing that I wanted the Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton Malletier, commonly referred to as Louis Vuitton or shortened to LV, is a fashion house and luxury retail company founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton. The label’s LV monogram appears on most of its products, ranging from luxury trunks and leather goods to ready-to-wear, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, sunglasses and books. Louis Vuitton is one of the world’s leading international fashion houses; it sells its products through standalone boutiques, lease departments in high-end department stores, and through the e-commerce section of its website. Neverfull bag. This bag has been on my radar for a hot minute now. Although I’d never been a gal who obsessed over Louis Vuitton like some peeps do, I think I had just seen this Louis Vuitton Neverfull so many times it finally wore me down and I suddenly felt like I HAD to have it – know what I mean? For travel, for errand days when I need a large but still classy looking tote, for sweater season – for all those reasons I just suddenly needed this bag. Know how that happens guys?

K anywho – one of the things I loved about this site is how easy it was to search for exactly what I was looking for. You have the option of indicating what type of condition you want the item to be in (very good, good, or fair), which really narrows it down. There are several other filters to narrow down searches as well. I also liked that Vestiaire authenticates all designer items before the sale posts, so you don’t have to worry about buying a fake.

All of that goodness above is how I was able to find the exact Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag that I’d been hunting for: this ‘like new’, 2016 Louis Vuitton Neverfull! This baby is literally exactly what I had wanted – red interior, a super recent purchase that was ‘like new’ in the ‘Monogram’ print, size MM (that’s their medium size of this bag). I perused Vestiaire Collective and there she was. Bam baby!

The best part: the purchase price for this Louis Vuitton Neverfull ended up being over $400 less than what I would have paid retail. And it’s literally like new! Came with the original receipt, the duster bag, and everything I would have needed to verify that it’s legit.

Moral of this story: Check out Vestiaire Collective. If you’ve had your eye on a designer item, this would be a great way to finally get your hands on it. And it’s perfect timing because hello – HOLIDAY SEASON! Get that thang as a gift! AND, Vestiaire is running a promotion right now where you’ll get 10% off orders over $300 with code 10NOVEMBER. Woot! 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions about this peeps!


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