As the weather cools and our light, bright and breezy clothes are put into storage, we move into fall with cozy knits, strong tailoring and romantic dresses on our minds. But colder temps do not at all expel colors, prints and florals from our sartorial lives. It’s the other way around – and H&M has news that lets you stay in bloom all year round. A print collab with the iconic and quintessentially British interiors brand Morris & Co drops into stores and online on October 4.

“The Morris & Co prints are some of the most recognized and loved around the world, while William Morris is not only synonymous with the Arts and Crafts movement, but also a strong advocate of beautiful <span class=”woR”>design</span><span class=”woD”>Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system (as in architectural blueprints, engineering drawings, business processes, circuit diagrams and sewing patterns).[1] Design has different connotations in different fields (see design disciplines below). In some cases the direct construction of an object (as in pottery, engineering, management, cowboy coding and graphic design) is also considered to be design.</span>. We’re thrilled to be collaborating on a collection with this iconic British brand and to be able to share these designs with our customers,” says Pernilla Wohlfahrt, H&M’s Design Director.

The collection is full of fall must-haves, with a wide range of tailored coats, jackets and pants, romantic dresses and blouses, knitwear and coordinated separates. The printed pieces in the collection – which feature Morris & Co’s masterpieces Love is Enough, Lily Leaf, Marigold and Pimpernel – are made in wool blends, velvet and fluid fabrics, and include on-trend details like tie-necks, voluminous sleeves, knife pleats and ruffles.

Almost all prints featured in the collection date back to the late 1800s, when the <span class=”woR”>company</span><span class=”woD”>A company is an association or collection of individuals, whether natural persons, legal persons, or a mixture of both. Company members share a common purpose and unite in order to focus their various talents and organize their collectively available skills or resources to achieve specific, declared goals.</span> was founded by artist, philosopher and political theorist William Morris. As one of the most outstanding and influential designers of the Arts & Crafts movement, his work has served as inspiration for generations of artists and designers.

“As custodians of William Morris’ original company, we keep his legacy alive today through the creation of beautifully crafted fabric and wallpaper collections inspired by our archive and all aspects of his work. This collaboration enables us to show the relevance of Morris’ iconic patterns today and we are delighted to work with H&M and to bring these designs to a new audience within the <span class=”woR”>fashion</span><span class=”woD”>Fashion is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing, or furniture. Fashion is a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style in which a person dresses. It is the prevailing styles in behaviour and the newest creations of textile designers.</span> world,” says Claire Vallis, Creative Director of Morris & Co.


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