Ski style is quite the trip. Not long after quick-drying, easily customisable nylon was introduced in the 60s, bold hues and wild patterns followed. By the 80s, it was the norm to represent in eye-popping ‘fits and ski style secured its reputation as a playground of experimentation. So, if you’re planning a leisurely ski sesh in Val d’Isère, or a stint on the black run in Hintertux, here are two bold looks from ASOS 4505 and The North Face, tested by boardsports lifestyle influencer Chiara Lovato. There’s more from her later, too.
For true throwback vibes, like living in your own 80s music video, you can’t beat a vibrant ski suit with a colour-blocked, all-in-one baselayer underneath. With this yellow ASOS 4505 piece, you can turn heads like Chiara as you slalom down the slopes in a blur of vivid colour. Or you’ll be easily spotted sipping your warming latte on the café balcony as you take in the view – your choice.
Channelling a mash-up of 80s realness and modern cuts is one thing, but let’s get serious, it’s cold on top of a mountain. Like, really cold. Luckily, Chiara was shielded from the teeth-chattering temperatures by the suit’s water-resistant outer that acts as a barrier against rain and snow. Inside, she’s kept warm and toasty by a thermal lining that locks in body heat. Maybe there’s no need for that latte after all.
The North Face
If an all-in-one isn’t your thing, you can rely on The North Face – with 30 years of outdoor gear experience – to offer up some bold, tech-laden separates featuring that iconic, streetwear-scene-approved branding. This Decendit jacket is fully waterproof, breathable and insulated using TNF’s DryVent and Heatseeker technology, so Chiara could spend more time carving up the slopes without a care. For a pop of emergency orange, she’s sporting TNF’s Glacier fleece. Ideal for stepping up the colour scheme while adding an extra-snug layer.
All that colour up top means Chiara can afford to tone things down with her accessory choices. As a boardsports influencer, social media updates are vital – which is wear TNF’s insulated Montana gloves come in handy (sorry). An in-built, warming wrist leash doubles the cosy feels while E-Tip panels let her use a smartphone or tablet without risking frostbite in sub-zero temps. Goodbye blue hands, hello action shots and scenic selfies. Now, which way to the après-ski?
Here’s what Chiara said about her reasons to move:

Finish this sentence – I ski because…
It’s only me and the mountains, I can do whatever I want, no one tells me what to do. It’s not like other sports where there are lots of rules.

Who inspires you?
My parents always inspired me, I always wanted to ski as well as them. When I started freestyle skiing, I took inspiration from the girls that were already the best. I admired their strength and no-fear attitude.


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