TOPSHOP:How To Wear White From Head To Toe Without It Being Boring

Ecru, off-white, eggshell – all shades of white are currently trending when it comes to spring dressing. The street styles stars have already picked up on the trend and are taking it a step further by going achromatic from head to toe. Want to try it yourself? Keep scrolling to discover how we’re styling three key pieces in the fresh colour scheme without it feeling monotonous…The easiest way to make things a bit more exciting when wearing all white is creating an interesting silhouette. Pair a V-neck dress with a sleeveless roll neck to change things up, then add some carefully selected gold details to round it off.Another way to get creative is playing with different tones: think an off-white pair of Balloon jeans styled with an ivory blazer worn as a top. Then, the accessories should follow suit.Linen, crochet, lace, denim – there are so many textures and fabrics to choose from. Keep things fun by mixing and matching fabrics at your own accord – the only rule is there are no rules.


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