Tucking a knitted top into a pair of figure-hugging cycling shorts might sound like a terrible idea in theory, but in practice it’s the perfect way to take spandex pants from sporty to chic. Partnering black cycling shorts with neutral colors like beige, light gray and cream keeps the look minimal and fresh. Complete the outfit with big silver hoops. Biking shorts at the office? Sure! A blue striped shirt dress adds a crisp and more dressed-up feeling to the sporty pants. Try tying the dress in a different way for a more interesting look — you’ll want to show off the shorts in the front and cover them in the back. Pair with a raffia and leather detailed bag to make the look the perfect mix of vacation vibes and city life. Adding volume to either the upper or the bottom part of the body while keeping the other part slim creates interesting — and flattering — proportions. Opt for a puffy blouse with voluminous sleeves to balance the slim-fitting cycling shorts, and don’t be afraid to put on those high heels! A big black hat adds just the right amount of flamboyance to an otherwise toned-down outfit. When paired with the right accessories, cycling shorts can become a chic option for a cocktail party in no time.


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