ZARA:How to Tuck Your Shirt Like a Street Style Pro

Like any decent styling trick, the art of tucking in your shirt is easy to learn yet will elevate your look to chic new heights. But not all the ways to tuck in your shirt are made equally, and we would argue that there’s a time and a place for each style. Allow us to explain.Heading to an important meeting or need to make a winning first impression? The full tuck is your fail-safe way to pull your look together and create a clean ensemble. Or maybe you want to cozy up in the perfect knit? Try the half tuck to add just the right amount of waist-defining shape. There’s also an in-between style: the front tuck, or French tuck, as Queer Eye’s Tan France calls it. However you choose to tuck your shirt in, read on to see how street style stars do it and become a bona fide expert in no time. Plus, shop the tops you need to re-create the looks.Create a cool, deliberately undone look with the half tuck, a favorite among the street style set. A button-down blouse is an easy option for this type of tuck.


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