GET THE LOOK: HOT PINK GLITTER EYES.Sweet like candy – indulge in the beauty it-colour of the season and go pink!Start with your favourite base makeup routine, and shape your eyebrows with the Brow Perfector in the hue that best matches your hair colour. Then use the Eye Contour Brush and apply the pink eyeshadow Infinite Impact Eye Colour Kobai Azalea from the inner to the outer lid.Time to glitter! Apply the Glitter Mascara Liner in the pink hue Nebula on top of the pink shadow. Take it easy and let it dry before you start blinking too much. For this look all focus should be on the pink shadow and eyeliner, so be gentle with the mascara. Just a careful touch with the black Maximalist Mascara is enough. Gently brush Pure Radiance Powder Blush in Golden Peach on the apple of your cheeks and shade the colour Hot Pink along the cheekbone using the Sculpting Brush. The Cream Lipstick in Haute Pink under the Lip Shine in Mirage and some Tickled Pink Nail Polish will be the perfect finishing touch.Be a little bold and paint your eyes with inspiration from the beautiful night sky.Keep the brows natural with the Brow Perfector gel, and get started with the eye makeup by applying the Soft Kajal in Neptune Blue on the water line all around the eye. Continue to blend it in-between your lashes using the Eyeliner Brush. Apply the Infinite Impact Eye Colour in the colour Stargazer, using a brush that’s a little dense so the pigment enhances easily. We recommend the Eye Shadow Brush for this! Apply on the lid and outer V, and blend it with the eyeliner. Apply it under the eye as well, to frame the eye in a nice way.Continue with the Infinite Impact Eye Colour in Mesmerise Me and shade it on top of the blue shadow to the crease of your eye and inner lid. Move on to apply the lighter shade Over The Moon on top of the darker eyeshadows on the middle of your eyelid and up towards your brow bone using the Smudging Brush. Add a little eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye too. Apply a thin line of the gold-coloured Glitter Mascara & Eyeliner Made Of Stars along the lash line from the inner lid to the outer lid. Finish the look with the Maximalist Mascara in Black on your lashes.Beauty hack! Use a paper towel and place it from the tip of your nose through the corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow. Use your eyeshadow brush and gently apply what is already on the brush. This way you get the same angle on both sides of your cat eye shaped eyeshadow. Put on your favourite base and shape your brows in a natural way with the Brow Perfector. Then apply Drama Cream Eyeliner in Pitch Black on the waterline under the upper eyelash line, using an angled Eyeliner Brush. This way your eyelash line will look naturally fuller. Continue on to the silver liner by using the Curated Eye Pen in Silver Slate and gently trace under the lower lash line, from the inner corner to the outer V. Follow your eye shape and try not to make the line wider than the pen itself. When you’re done with the eye pencil, use The Glitter Mascara Liner in Moonstruck over it. Let it dry before moving around too much. Any glitter that gets in your lashes can be easily removed with some Eye Makeup Remover on a cotton bud. The lashes should be natural, but dark (we used Pure Definition Mascara in Black).


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