ICYMI, the Wild West is a pretty big deal right now. And since we’ve championed the fringed jacket and big upped the prairie dress, it’s time we spotlight some ranch-inspired accessories. They’re especially important if you want to don’t want to go full-on cowboy but still fancy just a little bit of that Old Town Road vibe. Read on for five of the best.
As you probably already know, animal print has been having a serious renaissance as of late. And a print like the one on these boots is unique way to get a bit wild and unleash your inner cow girl at the same time. To really milk the aesthetic, wear these beauts with light-wash denim and a matching top. Moo-tiful.
Hats off to ya
OK, a leopard-print cowboy hat may not be something you’re going to wear day-to-day. But it’s a fun way to shade from the sun at festivals, or a standout alternative for your straw hat on holidays. Wear it with a denim shorts and full-on calf-length cowboy boots for peak yee-haw.
Fringe benefits
Of course, fringed jackets are a one-way ticket to the Wild West, but you can bring some of the stringy stuff to your accessories game, too. This black bag is a fresh update on the 90s shoulder style thanks to some disco-infused chains. Not exactly practical for riding around the ranch but ideal for a night out with an LBD.
Belt up
You’re going to need something to hold up those all-American jeans, and a bull-inspired belt is ideal. Plus, cow prints were seen at Burberry and Richard Quinn for SS19, so you can say you’re bang on trend, too. As if that wasn’t enough, ASOS DESIGN have added some sparkly rhinestones to up the ante even more. Delightful.
Is this square-toed beauty a cowboy or a Chelsea boot? Who knows, who cares – all that matters is a pair like this would make a sweet addition to your 24/7 wardrobe. And while it may not be boot season just yet, it’s never too early to say howdy to your perfect partners for AW19.


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MISSGUIDED:New In: Summer Essentials

A new range of summer loungewear has launched onsite now and it has everything you need. Our favourite street style babes have owned this collection and have styled the new pieces perfectly!
The perfect airport outfit this summer! Throw on our basic white essential embroidered cropped sweatshirt as an simple and laid back look.
Not so basic, basics! Add a belt to any oversized tee and you can dress up so easily – Perfect for a day to night outfit.
Our babe @jennylinnnn pulls off the oversized jumper and heels look perfectly – however I know it isn’t for everyone! Choose to keep it cas with a pair of chunky trainers or nail the look with a lace up heel!
@alvssa_ is the queen of oversized. See below her favourite outfits for all the inspo you need.
We are loving how Alyssa has mixed up her jersey shirt with a straight leg trouser – a key trend to follow this year!
Double denim is the one! Super easy and comfy and team with a pair of cowboy boots too to finish the look. Our oversized denim jacket is a great option to go with anything if you want to make your outfit more casual.


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“You can’t be bored in London,” Susie Lau, aka Susie Bubble, says and recites the most cliché — yet still accurate — quote about her city: When you’re bored of London, you’re bored of life.

Susie Bubble is an industry powerhouse, designer darling and the original blogger. Since launching Style Bubble in 2006, Susie’s thoughts on fashion have ascended from bedroom blogging to internet phenomenon, and turned her into a style icon along the way.

“I started Style Bubble during the first era of self-publishing, in the spirit of setting up MySpace pages and experimenting with HTML. It was very geeky and I never expected anyone to read or view the content, but I made amazing friends online, and it just grew.”

“I’m trying to keep the great essence of the fashion industry alive and there are a lot of super creative people using fashion as social and political commentary. Those voices keep me doing what I’m doing,” she says about what motivates her.

Being a blogger and influencer in 2019 entails being on the move all the time, and Susie Bubble hasn’t spent more than two consecutive weeks in London this year. She would still never consider moving anywhere else.

“I grew up here, I’ve been here all my life, and I love seeing the changes happening from decade to decade. There’s something very constant with London — conversations with cabbie drivers, English breakfast at grim cafés — and so many things that are constantly changing. I love the contrast.”
Susie Bubble’s style doesn’t discriminate against any garment. She’ll go from grungy to girly to bursting in color to minimalistic to layered in print-heavy pieces. The one thing her style isn’t — is boring. “I’ve never been afraid of weird combinations!” she proclaims, recalling how her fashion interest first sparked when she, in her early teens, discovered DIY tie-dying and Camden’s never-ending supply of secondhand shops.

Her favorite style from H&M? A vegan leather two-piece layered over a shiny roll-neck sweater partnered with chunky sneakers and a croco-print circle bag.

“I’ve always been very into matching things, and this set is strangely casual and a surprisingly easy way of wearing faux-leather.”
Hair clips and a hairbrush to keep the trademark fringe in place, eye drops, lip balm, compact powder, cash, and a healing crystal. “The crystal is a recent addition. I’m not a very spiritual person, but I carry it with me as a reminder of an amazing conversation I had with a friend.”
The Good Egg
“It’s close to my house and it’s perfect for an indulgent brunch. I could eat at The Good Egg every day. They have amazing eggplant with tahini, amazing sandwiches, and babka.”

Present & Correct
“I’m a sucker for stationery and this tiny old-fashioned shop has all the trinkets — pens, letters, envelopes — and other little things I love. I always buy a lot of small items there.”

William Morris Gallery
“I love all things William Morris, both the patterns and the man. This gallery is dedicated to his work and often hosts exhibitions putting his prints into context. It’s also connected to a park so I can have my experience and my daughter can have hers.”

“This place is legit. It’s a converted pub that has some of the best Chinese food in all of London, and I always bring my fashion friends who also love spicy food. We revert to Chinese a lot because there’s so much variety.”

Culpepper Community Garden
“London has so many little green pockets. Culpepper Community Garden is right in a busy neighborhood but feels very secluded and secret. It’s a great place to meet up with someone and watch the locals who tend it.”
“That I’m a neat freak! I like to keep thing perpendicular, placing things in a right angle to each other.”

“Old photographs. I have a whole box of them under my sofa. Polaroids, letters and other things I’ve accumulated over the last ten years that I would never ever throw away.”

“Silver service waitressing at Arsenal Football Club. I did it to fund my fashion habit but ended up becoming a hardcore soccer fan.”

“Insanely salty food, extra nails and being able to stay curious all the time.”

“Public speaking makes me a little bit nervous. Also, being told off, it makes me really embarrassed and hot.”

“Transatlanticism by Death Cab For Cutie. I love the American indie era post, post, post grunge.”

“A new cuisine at least once a month. Food is a window to other cultures and the best way to find out what a place is all about.”

“It’s cheesy, I know, but it’s the gift of life. Being able to have a child is something I never took for granted.”

“A massive jar of paper stars. It was very popular in Hong Kong when I was a kid, and I folded 500 puffy stars and gave them to my best friend when we were 12. Giving someone a jar of puffy paper stars means you really love them.”

“My mom’s food! I would want her to make all of my favorite Chinese dishes, especially her braised mushroom and chicken dish, dumplings and wontons.”


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“I love how Montenegro contrasts so radically from my day-to-day life in Egypt. Cairo is very busy, there’s noise 24/7, people and traffic. It’s where I grew up and I love it, but when I come here I can just… breathe.”

Rising actor, model and Instagram superstar Tara Emad (1.3 million followers can’t be wrong!) has just spent a day showing us the very best of Montenegro. Being here, in her mother’s home country, helps the 26-year-old star to relax and rewind. Her career is in full bloom in Africa and the Middle East, with campaigns for fashion and beauty brands and movie and TV roles succeeding one another.

“I’ve always wanted to act. I can’t even remember a time when that wasn’t my dream. As a teenager I got a lot of modeling jobs. Being in front of the camera taught me how to move and what looks good or not on film, but my acting career was still slow. I was always auditioning but never got any parts. So I decided to take some acting classes.”

The training paid off. Today her agenda is full of acting. She has just finished a short film which is being submitted to film festivals, and the premiere of the thriller action movie ‘The Blue Elephant 2’ in August, where she plays a true badass, is coming closer. She’s aiming at making it in Hollywood soon.

But first: vacation. Her holiday style is relaxed yet stylish, and she finds inspiration for both her work and her wardrobe on the streets.

“I love people-watching, seeing the details that make a person who she or he is. It’s so fascinating. I always carry paper to scribble down things about people I see on the street. Sometimes I probably come off as a bit scary — but it’s so useful in my work, to feed my mind with all these characters.”
“I’m completely lost without my notebook and my calendar. People keep telling me to start taking notes on my phone instead, but it’s just not the same. I just love the feeling of writing things on paper, smelling a book or sending a postcard. It’s grounding to me. I also always bring my passport in my favorite passport wallet, a lip balm, a blusher, a hairband and something to read.”
Tara travels light, but some garments are essential in her luggage.

“This flowy dress is perfect for strolling the city of Kotor – as are the sandals. I almost never wear heels. Instead I go for sneakers or flats, so that I’m able to walk far or go for a spontaneous climb up the stairs to St. John’s Castle.”

“I love dressing in creamy shades of white, maybe because it’s a palette that represents new beginnings. My mom is constantly nagging me about wearing more colors. ‘Stop buying the white stuff!’ But when I do buy something colorful I end up not wearing it. I just like the freshness that the lighter shades give to my appearance.”

Lake Skadar
“My aunt and uncle have a summer house here, and I came here all the time as a kid. Every time we drove to the sea we had a pit stop at the cottage. The lake is massive and so beautiful, and when you take the boat to the middle of it you see nothing but the water and the mountains.”

Restoran Niagara
“Twenty minutes from Podgorica there’s a café next to a canyon, and in the spring and early summer the canyon turns into a river, creating a beautiful waterfall. It’s the perfect place for a coffee break.”

Gorica Park
“This place is really something special. Gorica Park is like a mini forest with a mini mountain right in the middle of the capital. The nature is amazing! I love to come in the morning or in the evening, for a quick hike or run.”
“I bake amazing bread! After years of training, I can finally make artisan bread that everyone I serve it to loves.”

“For my last birthday my mom bought me a classic piano that I’ve been dying to have. It’s definitely my dearest possession.”

“I was booked for a TV commercial when I was 9, but before the shoot I got chicken pox and looked like a dalmatian. I was sure this was my big chance and that if I missed it, I would never make it as an actress, so I got my mom to drive me for hours to do the job anyway. When we arrived it turned out I wasn’t the star of the commercial, I was more like the extra of the extras, a person standing at the end of the street, barely visible to the camera.”

“Animals, nature and family bonds.”

“I get anxious when I’m doing all things spotlight-related. I’m really an introspective person who likes to observe things from a distance.”

“Let it All Go” by Birdy + Rhodes.”

“Traveling alone. It teaches you so much about yourself, and pushes you to love who you are. It has been eye-opening to me, to find out what I want to do when I don’t need to adjust to other people.”

“Can I mention three things? The classic piano, a ring from a very famous Egyptian jewelry designer and a piece of land in the Montenegro ecovillage Brezna. I am planning to build a house there soon.”

“Ever since I was a child I have been writing letters to my entire family. I just found some of them here in Montenegro, and it was amazing to go back in time together with my aunt and cousins. It’s priceless to give someone a thought from the other side of the world every now and then.”

“I LOVE pasta. I would choose it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I wish I could swim in pasta. It’s my go-to comfort food – pasta is ALWAYS a good idea.”

“Kotor has one of the world’s best preserved medieval old towns in Europe, and it’s a great place for a day trip when you’re in Montenegro. The narrow alleys, the gray tones, the mini cafés – all with a massive backdrop of mountains. It’s stunning.”

Sveti Stefan
“If you come to Montenegro, you need to visit the coast and its perfect beaches. The sea is dark blue and the water is clear. Make sure to choose a beach close to Sveti Stefan, a village on a tiny island that has been rebuilt into a five-star resort.”


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TOPSHOP:5 Things We Learnt From Our Favourite Californian Style Icons

California: home of the rich, the famous and the enviably stylish. Known for their effortless, relaxed take on trends and well-practiced from the year-round warm weather, dressing for summer is second nature to those ever-cool Cali girls. So, what better time to look back at the sartorial lessons we’ve learnt from five of our favourite icons from the Golden State? Pens at the ready…

  1. Elizabeth Taylor: Get some glam…
    Remembered as the ‘Queen of Diamonds’, Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most popular stars of the 1950s silver screen and a maximalist fashion icon. But even in the most stripped-back casual outfits, she exuded timeless glamour. This is the poolside vibe we’ll be channelling all summer…
  2. Farrah Fawcett: Nail the basics…
    Famous for her breakthrough role in the 1976 series Charlie’s Angels, adored for her effortless girl-next-door vibe: Farrah Fawcett’s iconic style defined a generation. With her classic uniform of high-waisted denim paired with basic tees or pullovers, Fawcett taught us the importance of wardrobe staples.
  3. Alicia Silverstone: The art of summer layering…
    We’ll always hold a special place in our hearts for Alicia Silverstone, the San Francisco-born actress that brought us Cher Horowitz of the 90s movie Clueless. Although it’s hard to pick a favourite from the many iconic looks she sports in the film, her slip dress paired with a sheer jacket is up there with the best. The lesson here? When it comes to summer layering, light and airy fabrics are the way forward.
  4. Blake Lively: Remember your roots…
    This L.A. born and bred style icon might spend a lot of time out and about in the city but she never forgets her home state. An oversized aztec-print jacket coupled with tan leather boots is the perfect nod to California’s chilled-out bohemian vibe.
  5. Gigi Hadid: Commit to one colour…
    Gigi Hadid is a present-day Californian sweetheart with angelic features, beachy golden locks and (you guessed it…) killer off-duty style. Whether it’s barbie-doll pink or soft neutrals, take cues from Gigi’s major monochrome looks and commit to a head-to-toe tonal statement this season.


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Fashion and function are having a 90s-themed reunion this summer, and All-Saints-approved utility is back in a big way. So, take tips from your fave combat-wearing girl group and pick up some loosely cut cargo pants for a fresh summer look. The best thing about them? They can be styled up or down to finesse so many different ‘fits – so you can nail your 9-5 and your 5-9.
Work it
Looking for laid-back office vibes? Perfect your TGIF wardrobe by pairing these soft cargo pants with a lightweight tailored blazer, opting for a sleeveless cut for muggy summer days. Up the ante with high-heeled mules and a sleek little shoulder bag for that ‘sliding into the weekend’ look.
The Weekenders
If you’re heading off on a day trip or just to the park with pals, there’s a utility look for that, too. Slip your fave new pants on with a cream crop top and gleaming white sneakers for low-key cool. Oh, and don’t forget accessories for some supermodel-inspired street style – think the Hadid sisters’ statement earrings and skinny sunglasses to finish off the look.
Cargo Club
Go hands-free on your next night out and put those classic cargo pant pockets to good use. Great for a BNO with the crew, you can dress them up with statement jewellery and your fave clutch. And just ‘cos they’re khaki doesn’t mean you need to go all neutral – team them with a sparkly crop top and statement strappy sandals, and you’ll be catching looks in no time.


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Gingham: could there be a more heatwave-ready print? It’s been our go-to for sticky summer days for a long time now – and luckily, Dorothy’s favourite motif is still a huge trend for SS19 (and probably will also be for 2020 – but more on that later). Although these days it’s available on everything from swimsuits to blazers, we still think a good auld fashioned maxi dress is the best way to get checked out (lol). Let us show you what we mean…
Seen at
Did anyone else’s jaws drop to the ground when they saw Jacquemus’s recent Spring/Summer 2020 show? Not only was it set in the stunning surroundings of Provence’s lavender fields, the collection on display was a mouth-watering mix of oversized tailoring, utility-inspired separates and dreamy dresses. (AKA everything our wardrobe wants and needs and wants RN). One of the highlights was this floor-skimming pink gingham beauty, styled with just one beaded statement earring. As well as being gobsmackingly gorgeous, this one makes a strong case for dresses so floaty they create a nice breeze as you walk. A seriously good look and your own personal air-con system in one? Win.
Seen on
Standard fashion cities like London and Paris may be where we usually go for street stye, but we also enjoy a browse through the pavement photos from other fashion weeks. Like Barcelona, for e.g., where we spotted this ludicrously good getup. Giving us all the summer-dressing inspo we need right now, this street styler pairs her gingham frock with espadrilles, skinny shades and gold chains. The result? A heatwave-ready ensemble we’ll be rocking from work to play.
Try it on
To have a gingham moment of your own, there’s plenty of options to suit every style. This cute pink Mango number is giving us the Jacquemus feels; pair it with espadrilles, trainers or techy sandals. And there you have it: a look that will have you navigating the oven-like bus, sunny pavements and sweaty beer-garden in style. Take that, heatwave!


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This one’s for all the sneaker-obsessed out there. Of all the most-wanted kicks landing this month the talk of the office RN is the new Nike Air Max 270 React. The eagle-eyed sneakerheads among you might have realised the trainer’s name holds all the clues as to why this could be the hottest drop of the year so far. But for everyone else, we’re here to tell you why they’ve got serious add-to-bag potential.
Basically, the trainers are the squishy, air-cushioned dream team of two of Nike’s most coveted kicks: the Air Max 270 and the React. The brand have taken their trademark 270-degree Air Unit from the Air Max (their first ever lifestyle trainer), and combined with the springiest new cushioning to date: the React foam. The result is a sneaker that might just be the comfiest around. Big claim, we know.
The colourways above are part of the Bauhaus collection, which celebrates the influential German Art School by incorporating their signature wavy, bold colours into the designs. If the bright movement isn’t for you, there’s also a black, white and grey pair available for those who like to keep your kicks a little more low-key. Our final bit of advice? Don’t sleep on these – they won’t be around for long.


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Dresses, shoes, accessories… these are a few of our favourite things. But do you know what makes our fashion faves even more special? Embellishment. Yes, there’s no doubt that an item’s status rises on the sartorial chart when there are sequins or beads sewn on. Just take a look at these five beauties for proof…
Beads must
Your vacation, BNO, and vacation BNO prayers are answered in this beaded mini dress. Of course, there’s the standout intricate embellishment – but the cut-out sides and Aztec-style motif are also serious wins. For daytime, slip a tee underneath. Whatever the time of day, we’ve got a need for these beads.
Show and shell
Shells have been adorning everything from playsuits to jewellery this season. And these cute slides look like we found ’em right at the bottom of the ocean. Wear them with your fave denim shorts and a white crop top.
Sequin win
They say the good things come in pairs, and that’s definitely true in this case. This sequin co-ord will have you shining under the spotlight – and looking like the disco ball as you dance under it. Add gold heels and jewellery to make it really pop.
Go get gem
What do you get when you cross a nice bit of embellishment with so-2019 raffia and the season’s penchant for hair accessories? This cute and colourful hairband of course. Use it to add a feminine touch to edgier looks.
Silver Linings
And last but certainly not least, we have this sparkling silver dress that’s basically dripping in diamanté. A look so glam it wouldn’t look out of place at the MTV Awards.


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It’s that time of the year where you’re spending most of your weekends outside: i.e. hanging in a pub garden with your mates from day to night. And by now you’ve probably used every single floral dress you’ve got. Fear not – we’ve got the ultimate outfit to take you from 12-12.
First things first, nothing really beats a summer co-ord and this one just about ticks all the boxes. So-in-season resin buttons? Check. Easy breezy broderie? Yep. Cream coloured to enhance that summer glow you’ve worked on? You bet. Now with that done, you’ll need a pop of colour, and these sliders are not only cute but will keep you comfy all day long. Add a basket bag to hold everything you need for the day and sunnies (for obvious reasons). Hair clips will keep your fresh blow-dry in place. Only thing left to do is ensure you don’t spill any spritz…


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