TOPSHOP:We Asked London’s Coolest DJ Duo The Bloom Twins What Makes You An IDOL

Get ready: this week, we’ll be dropping a new collection in our IDOL range and are set to celebrate the launch with a bang at Topshop Oxford Circus on 19th September from 6-8pm. To help us get the party started, we invited the Bloom Twins to play us some tunes that are just as cool as the capsule itself. In the lead up, we asked Anna and Sonya who their personal idols are, which IDOL pieces they love and which songs we can expect to hear on Thursday…
What can we expect from your set for Topshop IDOL?
It’s going to be a mix of all things we love so much: singing, playing instruments, and DJing. We’ll play our favourite songs that get you in the journey of total sonic satisfaction. Mix of oldies and new music, as well as few of our live tracks that we love to integrate into our electronic set.
Who is you personal idol when it comes to music?
Sonya: Billie Eilish has definitely rocked our boat. She is so innovative and talented, but most importantly very real. You see what she is doing isn’t scripted, she is living it, she is in the moment. She is the moment or better to say the infinity, because she won’t be forgotten.
Anna: I love Thom Yorke. He is one of a few artists that I was obsessed with ever since I discovered him. He has something so unique about him. His music is dark and not defined by any specific genre. I think it’s one of the things I would love the music industry to stop doing – fitting artists into existing genres. The only definitions to music should only be ’like’ or ‘dislike’.
Who is your personal Idol in life?
Sonya: My twin sister. I look up to her because she is great at things I’m not, and that inspires me to be better at what I’m doing. We are inseparable, not only because twins aren’t meant to be apart, but also because we complete one another so well.
Anna: My personal Idol is our dad. He is one of the most selfless people in the world. He was never running after success, always gave everyone else presents before getting himself one, and he never takes things for granted.
Which song is your current go to?
Anna: Lenny Kravitz – ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way’. I properly started listening to it few months ago, and honestly before that I’d choose an electronic track like ‘Kismoms – Blurred, Bonobo remix’, but Lenny’s track reminds me of my parents and it has this awesome energy that gets me started from the beginning of the day.
Sonya: ‘Chasing Marrakesh’ by Zhu, because fashion week sometimes feels like a chasing game.
How do you start when pulling together a new set / playlist?
We are all about the vibe. Feeling in the room will only be present if the songs are put together perfectly. The energy doesn’t lie. We start with the song that moves the body, like an invite to relax and just forget about all of the worries and to just enjoy yourself.
Which piece of clothing never fails to make you feel like an idol?
Anna: My rings. I feel like fingers and hands say more about what people are feeling/thinking than anything else. Hands are so expressive; hence I love rings. Some girls need to wear high heels to feel confident – I need rings.
Sonya: Boots. A good pair leaves traces everywhere, makes a mark. It feels great to stand out, or just to be ourselves.
What are your favourite pieces from IDOL collections?
Sonya: The BRAVE leather western boots, the sleeveless denim gilet, ribbed racer vest and the premium leather joggers.
Anna: I love the premium leather joggers too, they are oversized cool black, leather pants. They feel so nice and I always feel killer when I’m wearing them.
Catch the Bloom Twins’ live performance at Topshop Oxford Circus on 19th September 6-8pm.


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