TOPSHOP:The Only 5 Colours You Need In Your Wardrobe This Autumn

As the time to renew your wardrobe for the new season has come, we need to talk about autumn’s trending colours. To figure out which shades and hues are set to make up the colour palette of the moment, we kept a close eye on the streets of fashion month this season and spotted five that seem to be a definite must. Keep reading to find out what they are, plus how to style them…

  1. Autumn blues
    Blue is a true classic, but this season we’re thinking slightly out of the box with it. Whether it’s navy leather boots, darker washed denim, lumberjack checks or rich sapphires on knits and shirts – anything goes when wearing blue right now.
  2. Sunshine everyday
    Usually deemed a colour reserved for summer days, yellow has been everywhere this season. Bring some shine into the grey everyday by opting for sunflower, lemon, marigold and amber even when the sun is nowhere to be seen.
  3. Wear your greens
    Just like it’s especially vital to eat your greens during the colder months, we think it’s key to wear them too! There’s no shade that doesn’t go, so take you pick from sage, forest, khaki and many more to keep your wardrobe looking healthy.
  4. More cream please
    It’s no secret that cream tones always add a touch of sophistication to any look. This autumn we love it worn head to toe, or mixed in with bolder colours to give extra contrast. For a subtle update, add a pearl clip, a croc handbag or ankle boots.
  5. This doesn’t get rusty
    Resembling the autumnal colours of nature, rust is perfect for this season. A special twist this year is rust-toned high shine vinyl, but you can always keep it low key in knits, jumpsuits and faux fur coats too.


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