H&M:H&M Design Award: Fashion for the future

“There are so many. But seeing Richard Quinn being awarded by Queen Elizabeth II at London Fashion Week, so shortly after winning the H&M Design Award in 2017, was really special. It’s been such a trip to follow his career and see that he hasn’t compromised his aesthetic, vision and ambition along the way. The prize money he won helped him build his studio and launch his career, that’s really what this award is about.”
“Each collection and each designer is different and, in a way, they’re all my favorites. But the collection that felt the most personal and the most complete was Minju Kim’s from 2013.”
“First and foremost we’re still looking for creativity, a unique voice, and something that really stands out. But sustainability is becoming more important, and we’ve noticed that most design students nowadays have a conscious mindset. To us, sustainability is definitely a big plus.”
“They’ve all presented something unique and had a grand creative vision. On top of that, they’ve all been lovely people with lots of humor, energy and generosity. They’ve made me curious and unleashed a wow feeling in me and the other jurors.”
“The unexpected! Fashion tends to become streamlined and look pretty much the same. I want to see something that makes me curious, created by someone who loves fashion and the changeability of it.”
“Great sustainable collections. Also, something that’s more lo-fi and cozy rather than expressive. I think Peter Do and Bode are really interesting upcoming labels that represent something new.”
“If you have a strong vision and a clear goal — stick to it. Take advice, listen to peers and find mentors, but always benchmark the opinions of others against your own creative vision and gut feeling. If you’re just getting started in the industry, know that you don’t have to rush and that it’s okay to be patient. In the end, all experiences are good experiences. Remember to be friendly along the way.”


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H&M:Johanna Ortiz x H&M: Timeless Maximalism

If you don’t know that Johanna Ortiz hails from the birthplace of salsa, her energetic designs will give you some immediate pointers. Dramatic, luscious, extravagant — Johanna Ortiz’s dresses are the kind of pieces you’ll want to throw on and start dancing in. They tap their own beat, and demand the wearer does the same.
It’s not only fashion lovers who feel the rhythm of Ortiz’s collections. There’s an irresistible sense of joy and power at the heart of the Colombian designer’s work that has the world’s most powerful women smitten. Michelle Obama opted for Johanna Ortiz during her book tour, at parties, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Alexa Chung and Jessica Biel count Ortiz’s designs as must-haves. Olivia Palermo wears Ortiz to set her style agenda, and when it came to serving a major look at Jennifer Lawrence’s wedding, it was Johanna Ortiz that Sienna Miller favored.
Such fandom isn’t surprising. Ortiz’s designs capture the maximalism of the moment, drawing on a heady mix of volume, pattern and color to create frilled-filled statement pieces that keep a relaxed spirit at their heart. Inclusivity is also key for Ortiz, creating designs that anyone can wear. Her vision for fashion is playful, luxurious and accessible; designs that any woman can wear.
Honing her craft at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Ortiz returned to Colombia to launch her own brand. Starting out with swimwear and building to full collections, the designer broke into the mainstream in 2014 when she showed at Colombia’s prestigious fashion weeks in Medellin and Bogota. Her work was quickly picked up by major retailers in the US, and Ortiz went global. Yet her designs continue to draw inspiration from — and give back to — Colombia. Not only does she bring the rich and inspirational landscape to the heart of her work, but also through the brand’s educational program for local women.
Ahead of the limited pre-drop of her collaboration with H&M, Johanna Ortiz talks to us about Latin culture, finding inspiration in the everyday and the importance of fun in fashion.
“One of my closest role models is my mother. My mother was an interior designer, and the textiles that I grew up with and saw in my house formed a strong part of my inspiration. But actually a lot of my inspiration also comes from seeing how the women dressed around me when I was growing up. Seeing all of the colors, seeing the multicultural style. Where I’m from there’s such a multicultural union. Admiring how the women dress, and the elegance that they have for any type of everyday activity. They were always really conscious of how they looked and how they were dressed. A nice, flirty, feminine and elegant way of dressing. And it was all these women who made me think, ‘that’s who I would like to dress.’”
“It was kind of easy for me as a woman designing for women. I’m always trying on the things that I’m making to see if they’re comfortable and see if they’re flattering to all types of bodies. Every body is different, so I make sure that I’m not only designing things for me, but for six or seven different bodies. I don’t design anything I wouldn’t wear, so the designs come from my DNA, they’re a part of it.”
“With Michelle Obama, that was one of those moments…. Seeing a woman I admire so much wearing one of our pieces was impressive. But I see many other women in the world wearing Johanna Ortiz, it has been an amazing way to see how women are responding to what I’m designing.”
“I’m most excited about the fact that I’m taking a bit of my design and a bit of Colombia and reaching a new audience of women. I think that’s really satisfying. We tried to make the designs in the image of what I have liked most in my collections, and not only the prints, but also the silhouettes. I love dresses, I love floral dresses worn without shoes and I want people to really enjoy the way they feel in my designs.”
“I started looking at color palettes, that’s how I always start, with color. Then I went to the archive of my favorite designs and I wanted to share them. I think it’s a collection that has a little bit of everything for everyone! I really enjoy it.”
“It’s a cliché, but colors always come to me from what I see in nature. I’m always taking pictures, even if I’m dropping off my kids at school, there’s always something to find inspiration from, even in a tiny flower. Colors are my passion. I always work from them. I need to have a color palette that forms the root of my collections.”
“I don’t want my designs to only be for going to a wedding or a garden party, they can be worn to a bar or for hosting a dinner at home too — I want these designs to be a part of your wardrobe. Wear them with flats and no makeup. It works. It’s just embracing being feminine. I try to make collections really comfortable, designs that you can wear every day — but you can wear them with big earrings or whatever and go out in them too.”
“It has to be fun! It’s part of it.”
An exclusive “pre-drop” of four dress styles will be released in selected stores and at hm.com on December 3; the main collection will be available in March 2020.


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TOPSHOP:3 Ways To Style Christmas Jumpers That Will Actually Make Them Look Cool

Christmas Jumper Day 2019 is less than a month away (it happens on 13th December), so we think a festive knit needs to be the next addition to your winter wardrobe. This might make some of us jump for joy but, for many of us, styling a kitsch novelty knit and actually looking cool in it seems like quite the challenge. Luckily – believe it or not – the days of gaudy, ugly Christmas jumpers are long gone and a new wave of knitwear is here. We picked three of our new-in seasonal jumpers and styled them for any sartorial dilemma this festive period…

  1. If you want to stay on trend…
    Yes, it’s socially acceptable to wear a full-on sequin skirt with your Christmas knit this year. In fact, it’s actually really cool. We’ve completed this unique combination with a pair of chunky boots and a biker jacket to tone it down and give it an extra edge. If that’s not your thing, a sparkly bag and statement heels will work too. It’s Christmas after all!
  2. If you were forced to wear a Christmas jumper…
    You may be confused at the lack of Christmas jumpers featured in this outfit – but if you look really closely you’ll find a ‘Dear Santa’ embroidery on the black knit. If you ask us, that totally counts and it should be enough to satisfy that Christmas jumper dresscode. A red faux fur coat and a beret give extra festive points, so you won’t seem like a total scrooge but will still look cooler than everyone else.
  3. If you want to wear a Christmas jumper to the office party…
    If the office Christmas party is coming up and you really want to go all out, you can even get your festive knit all dressed up for the dance-floor. Simply add some faux leather shorts, a pair of platform heels and an extra sparkly bag. A red fluffy jacket will keep you warm in the queue to the party, and also give off ultimate Mrs. Claus vibes. But cooler.


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TOPSHOP:5 Outfits That Prove You Don’t Have To Wear Heels To A Party

Wearing heels to a party seems to have been an unwritten sartorial rule for as long as we can remember, leading to long nights looking for a place to sit down and the inevitable barefoot walk home. If that doesn’t sound like your idea of a great night out, you’re in luck: we styled five different outfits that prove you can also put your best foot forward in a pair of flats this party season. Keep scrolling to discover how to wear your trainers with a suit and boots with mini dresses, so you can look effortlessly cool and kill it on the dancefloor (without killing your feet)…

  1. Suit and trainers
    A velvet suit will definitely make a statement at any event this party season, so you won’t have to worry about it being too casual when paired with some crisp white trainers. We love the look of a blazer buttoned up with nothing worn underneath but you can always add a white crop top just to be on the safe side.
  2. Sequin skirts and Western boots
    Nothing says party girl quite like a fully sequinned mini skirt. We’ve given it that model-off-duty vibe with a white T-shirt and some Western-style boots. Add a leather jacket for extra cool girl points and some glitzy jewellery if that’s not enough sparkle for you yet.
  3. Organza and snakeskin
    Mark our words: organza is going to be everywhere this party season. Keep your look bang on-trend with this long sleeve top paired with some leather flares and a mini bag. Complete the outfit with a pair of snakeskin flats for some added glam minus the pain of strappy stilettos.
  4. Mini dresses and chunky boots
    The easiest way to make flats work for a party is pairing them with your favourite mini dress. We went for a corset-style number worn with tights, chunky boots and a faux fur jacket. Some simple silver hoops are all we’re adding on the jewellery front but a fluffy bag will keep the look totally party-appropriate.
  5. Jeans and teeny tiny heels
    So perhaps we’re slightly cheating here but these pair of kitten mules have such a small heel we’re sure you’ll stay pain free all night! We’ve kept the rest of the look simple with just a touch of glam in form of some gold jewellery and a mini faux fur jacket.


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ZARA:This Puffer Trend Is So 2018, But These Ones Are So Right Now

Last year, it seemed like all anyone wore, talked about, or posted, was really, really big puffer jackets. It was almost as if the puffier your jacket was, the more street cred you had. Influencers, celebrities, and fashion girls alike took to the trend with ease and excitement as they proudly walked down the street nearly knocking everyone over in the process. This extra-large puffer trend emerged at the peak of when trends felt more like shock factor than a way of dressing. I mean, back in 2018, this look was probably styled with micro-sunglasses and chunky Balenciaga Triple S sneakers, and that was something we considered normal?
Luckily (depending on who you ask), the fashion industry has started to shift away from all the frills and gimmicks toward a more stylized and wearable set of collections and trends that won’t get you weird stares as you walk around outside. But to bring it back to puffers—an extremely relevant topic considering we are now entering the coldest time of the year—if the oversize puffer was so 2018, the tonal plain puffer you can wear with literally anything is so right now.
We aren’t even that far into winter and already the fashion set is whipping out simple puffers and styling them in ways that are actually approachable. Complete with warm color palettes of creams, tans, browns, and more, all of those crazy-colored, patterned puffers that fit in no closet I’ve ever seen suddenly feel obsolete. This new wave of puffers also includes puffer vests, which I personally feel will be a fresh update to my all too often repetitive winter wardrobe.
Ahead, see exactly what this new wave of puffer dressing and styling is all about, and shop 18 of the best ones on the market should you want to buy into the trend.
Whoever said black and brown didn’t go together was seriously disturbed. We love the idea of a brown puffer instead of the expected black one this season.
This look is proof you can still wear your summer dresses in the winter so long as you style them with a warm coat and chunky boots.
If the inner hype girl in you is sad to see the decline of the oversize puffer, swap it out for a puffer vest. Clearly, the look reads hype vibes all around.
Go tonal with a head-to-toe neutral look. If you’re in need of some inspiration, Ryan here is the one-stop-shop for all outfits creamy and cinnamony.
A winter look doesn’t have to require a tailored coat in order to be polished. Throw a plain puffer over a suit and you’ll still look just as sleek.
Brace yourself, you’re about to see these Aritzia puffers everywhere. But thanks to how simple they are, you’ll discover endless new ways to style yours.
Another tonal look to further convince you to try a monochromatic look the next time you have no idea what to wear.
I don’t know who needs to see this, but you’re welcome.
One more fluffy and extremely wearable puffer outfit for good measure. You know, since you’ll be wearing one for months on end.


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ZARA:5 Massive Trends That Are Dying Out in 2019

We know you come to Who What Wear to get your download on all the key trends of the season and what to buy to nail each and every one. So it’s only natural then that we keep you up to date on the trends that we’re tossing aside right now, too. To make it as straightforward for you as possible, we’re going to break down the trends that were everywhere at one point but are now definitely dying out.
Ahead, we’ve identified five trends that were undeniably massive not too long ago but are hitting their expiration dates in 2019. Let me give you an example: Cropped flare jeans were the denim trend everyone owned (this editor included) in 2017 and into 2018, right? Well, I feel it’s my journalistic duty to report on what’s been replacing the jeans in the fashion world and in my own closet these days. If you like to stay on top of the latest trends, keep reading to see which spring fashion trends to set aside and which to wear instead so you can start dressing better immediately.
OUT: Cropped Flare Jeans
IN: Longer and Looser Fits
I owned a pair. You owned a pair. Virtually everyone I know owned at least one pair of cropped flare jeans. That’s how big the style was. It’s been on the decline for a while now, taking a back seat to baggier fits and ’90s-style straight-leg jeans: two denim trends that feel so current.
OUT: Bomber Jackets
IN: Utility Jackets
Remember bomber jackets? Just a few years ago, bomber jacket outfits filled up every celebrity street style gallery and were generally worn with anything from jeans to leggings. Now, though, sleeker utility styles are reigning supreme, especially belted silhouettes in every material from denim to faux leather.
OUT: Crossbody Bags
IN: Shoulder Bags
As much as we appreciate how useful our crossbody bags have been for years and years, it’s finally time for a new bag shape to step into the spotlight, and as soon as Prada’s Sidonie Bag began flooding our feeds, it was clear that that new shape would be all about the cropped-shoulder-bag look.
OUT: Teeny-Tiny Sunglasses
IN: Oversize and Retro Shapes
Did anyone else just breathe a sigh of relief? I don’t know about you, but I had been anticipating the death of micro shades for a while now, so I’m thrilled to report that all the coolest sunglasses are doubling in size. Retro tortoiseshell, ’70s-inspired tints, and geometric shapes are all the key details here.
OUT: Pool Slides
IN: Chunky-Sole Sandals
Comfortable sandals will always be peaking during the summer months, so it’s only natural then that a new sandal style would reign supreme. This year, it’s sporty sandals by the likes of Teva and Birkenstock that are trending hard, canceling out the pool slides that dominated not long ago.


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TOPSHOP:5 Outfits To Wear This Party Season If Dresses Aren’t Your Thing

party outfits, dresses aren’t your only option either! Whether it’s the classic jeans and a nice top, plisse animal-print flares or luxe velvet shorts, there’s a whole world of sartorial alternatives out there. Here are some ideas to get you started…

  1. Slick shorts…
    Vinyl has been one of the biggest trends of the season: there have been high-shine trousers, cool trench coats, mini dresses and now, there are slick pieces for party season too! Pair some vinyl shorts with a stand-out sequin top. Then accessorise the neutral look with blush pink add-ons and shimmering heels.
  2. Blue jeans, baby…
    Let’s be honest, you can never go wrong with jeans and a nice top. Desk to drinks? Jeans and a nice top. Girls night out? Jeans and a nice top. Festive family and friends dinner party? Jeans and a nice top. Since it’s party season, step things up a notch by going for a really nice embellished top with some effortlessly cool blue jeans and finish the look with a pair of chunky heels that you can dance in all night!
  3. Funky flares…
    Shop Womens Black Mesh Shirred Top – Black, Womens Snake Print Plisse Flare Trousers – Brown, Womens Idol White Leather White Biker Jacket – White, Womens Fest Black Cross Body Bag – Black, Womens **3 Star Drop Earrings – Gold, Womens Electric Leather Black Platform Boots – Black and moreShop Womens Black Mesh Shirred Top – Black, Womens Snake Print Plisse Flare Trousers – Brown, Womens Idol White Leather White Biker Jacket – White, Womens Fest Black Cross Body Bag – Black, Womens **3 Star Drop Earrings – Gold, Womens Electric Leather Black Platform Boots – Black and more
    Shop Womens Black Mesh Shirred Top – Black and moreShop Womens Black Mesh Shirred Top – Black and more
    Shop Womens Snake Print Plisse Flare Trousers – Brown and moreShop Womens Snake Print Plisse Flare Trousers – Brown and more
    Shop Womens Idol White Leather White Biker Jacket – White and moreShop Womens Idol White Leather White Biker Jacket – White and more
    Shop Womens Fest Black Cross Body Bag – Black and moreShop Womens Fest Black Cross Body Bag – Black and more
    Shop Womens **3 Star Drop Earrings – Gold and moreShop Womens **3 Star Drop Earrings – Gold and more
    Shop Womens Electric Leather Black Platform Boots – Black and moreShop Womens Electric Leather Black Platform Boots – Black and more
    Combining a pair of stretchy printed flares with an ruched jersey crop top is a stylish going-out option that will be super comfortable all night long. Keep all eyes on the statement animal print by sticking to a neutral colour palette but go all out with fun party-ready additions like a black feather bag, some patent platforms and gold jewellery.
  4. Swanky shorts…
    As fabrics go, velvet is hands-down the most luxe and opulent option out there which makes anything in that material perfect for your night out. If you opt for some fun and flirty shorts, mix things up a bit by pairing them with an oversized polka-dot shirt. Top tip? Only tuck half in at the front so you can catch a glimpse of fuchsia below.
  5. A tailored two-piece…
    Nothing says ‘I have my life together’ quite like a tailored two piece. They’re cool, sophisticated and will definitely stand out (in the best way) in a room full of mini dresses. But we’re not talking about the type of suits you might see in the office: for special occasions, go for one with a sparkling diamanté trim and offset the tailored vibes with a delicate lace body.


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TOPSHOP: Behind The Scenes Of IDOL Winter 2019: Find Out What Inspired Topshop’s Most In-Demand Collection

Since its launch about a year ago, Topshop’s in-house premium brand IDOL has become our most in-demand collection. The autumn winter capsule, which just dropped today, is defined by luxe contrasting textures, new heavy embellishment and, as always, a dark rock and roll edge. Want to know more? We headed down to the studio to see some IDOL magic happen first-hand and speak to Design Director, Anthony Cuthbertson, about the inspiration behind all the latest pieces…
What was the inspiration behind this November IDOL drop?
We started off by looking at early ‘80s Helmet Newton photography and integrating an early ’90s Tom Ford vibe in there too. So we were really going back to dark rock and roll, whereas the other earlier collections were travelling from Tibet into the seventies. The last collection, ‘Through The Looking Glass’, then moved into Asia where we were thinking of early ’30s Singapore. This recent drop is set during the ’80s and has a real hard edge which fits in more with winter and the build up to Christmas.
What are the main textures, fabrics and prints that we should look out for in the collection?
There are so many great textures to look out for and IDOL is all about pairing them together! We’ve got these beautiful, new snowflake-like polka dot prints and also lots of baroque textile prints that we’ve overlaid with different laces and inserts. There are lots of top store shearlings and harder edge aviator jackets where we’ve played around with foiling. Plus there are some amazing zebra prints on skirts and dresses, waxed denim, ultra high shine PU leather pieces and big poppy prints! It’s all got quite an androgynous mood to it that really mixes highs and lows of casual with real premium leather pieces. It’s very IDOL to mix all these unique pieces and prints altogether!
Were there any particular fashion icons you kept in mind during the design process?
We always think about our rock girl, so we’re always looking back into the archives of icons like Kate Moss. The whole idea of IDOL is that it’s influenced by music. We see it sitting in a place where it’s got lots of music influences that are really rock and roll – anybody from Kate Moss to Patti Smith to new emerging talent. It’s also a little derivative from French dressing and has a bit of an LA vibe as well. I think generally the IDOL customer is confident. They’re body positive. They’ve got a sexiness and they’ve got a strong attitude.
How is this IDOL drop different from the previous two drops earlier this year?
Well, with the build up to Christmas, there are more intense sparkles across a lot of the collection. So, we’ve got new boiler suits with all the iridescent studs, star hand embellished pieces and beautiful little star floral prints on pretty tea dresses. Of course, going into November and December, there is more of a cold weather focus too. So, for example, there are lots of high waisted top pants that really emphasise the waist and Crombie shearling coats. All the sheepskin for these are from the UK too so we’re supporting UK manufacturing which is fantastic for the carbon footprint. There are also some great new denims where we’ve created new wash blacks instead of true black – these are really cool for winter.
I think each collection that drops evolves a bit from the last but we consider the pieces across all of them to be must-have pieces which people can always keep in their wardrobe and return to. We see IDOL as something to invest in. Especially because, whilst other Topshop lines build on trends, for IDOL we draw so much inspiration from lasting vintage pieces. It’s almost like our in-house designer brand which is establishing a distinct aesthetic and style.
How do all these different inspiration points influence the art direction behind the photoshoots?
Well first we build and present the collections. Then it’s all about keeping the identity throughout the process. When myself and David, the Creative Director, did the first IDOL collection we had a very clear view of who we wanted the model to be: we wanted a youthful rock and roll icon with an international vibe, not just British. Their hair was a bit gritty and they would give an effortless impression. For the imagery, we’ve used the same photographer all the way through to keep the richness in the photography consistent. It’s a lot about the model really, her attitude.
This time, because of all the dark textures in the collection, we’ve gone pure black for the shoot and used water to add extra texture. In the last shoot it was all about reflecting light so we used mirrors whereas this is more about creating texture on black so the movement of the water works well. The team this morning have spent the hours and hours filling up the studio with water like a little swimming pool – how they’re going to empty it, I do not know! Thankfully, that’s not my job!
There’s going to be another IDOL drop in February – what do we have to look forward to?
Oh, it has a completely different vibe! So much more colour! It’s all based around Romeo and Juliet. It’s about two gangs and tribes, like in the Leonardo DiCaprio movie version. We’ve taken inspiration from that, so it’s got a little bit of a western style and then a Vietnamese vibe as well with lots of traditional prints, amazing textiles and colour. Again it’s a move forward and it feels very youthful with a real tongue and cheek vibe in there with some fun Hawaiian prints. Colour-wise, there is lots shine, lots of pastels, gold and white. It’s going to be really good!


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ZARA:The Easiest Way to Look Chic this Winter (While Staying Really Warm)

When it comes to looking chic in winter while actually staying warm, there are few trends that actually fulfill the job quite like quilted clothing. One of F/W 19’s biggest runway trends—quilted clothing went far beyond a handbag or coat on the catwalks—the trend extended to gorgeous creations from jumpsuits to blouses and trousers, bringing fashion girls who live in colder temps a sigh of sartorial relief this season.
The refreshing insulated outfits came in all forms, colors, and patterns—just take a look at Rachel Comey’s pretty pieces in vibrant pastel hues and Oscar de la Renta’s statement quilted strapless evening gown—proving the cozy fabric has major legs for day and night. A quilted jacket or coat is, of course, one of the easiest ways to nail the trend, but if you fancy something a little out of the box, opt for a cool skirt, jumpsuit, or pants instead.
Scroll below as we share some of the coolest runway and street looks, and shop our must-have quilted pieces to take on the trend this season. Because who doesn’t want to dress in their duvet when it’s 20 degrees out!?
Dior had us lusting over its sleek black quilted jumpsuit, which we want to wear ASAP with sheer tights popping through and pretty pointed-toe pumps. The dream winter work-to-weekend outfit.
Obsessed is an understatement. At Rachel Comey, quilted pants and jackets came in pretty pastel hues that would be fit for winter and spring. We want to be wrapped up in this cheery quilted set all winter long.
At Isabel Marant, quilted blouse-jacket hybrids in warm autumnal hues were paired with equally luxe-looking leather skirts for one expensive-looking winter outfit.
At Prabal Gurung, quilted coats came belted at the waist in bright colors of hot pink and vibrant red—the perfect statement coat for a compliment-inducing winter look.
Quilting got the glamorous treatment at Oscar de la Renta, where a stunning emerald gown was created from the insulating fabric—proving quilting is not just for daytime casual wear. We want to show up to all our winter wedding invites in this stunner.
Swap your slip skirt for a quilted one instead this winter, as seen at Tibi. Pair with a chic black sweater for the easiest warm winter outfit you’ll want to live in this cold-weather season.
Add instant polish to a quilted coat by cinching it at the waist with a belt and wearing it over chic, cream tailored trousers. So posh.
Add a refreshingly modern touch to your outfit with a cushy quilted midi skirt, which pairs perfectly with your boots and sweaters.
For the fashionably fearless, quilted pants will be your cozy new best friend this winter.
A fabric quilted vest is an easy way to nail the trend in a cool and unique way. Wear over sweaters, blouses, and dresses alike.
Brighten up your winter wardrobe and try a quilted robe coat in a vibrant hue. A chic belt will add elegance.
A chic insulated scarf is a trend-forward addition to every winter wardrobe.
Swap your silk midi skirt for this much warmer option instead.


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TOPSHOP:How To Pull Off A Hat Like A Street Style Star This Season

Whether it’s a beret, beanie or bucket – hats are undeniably the ultimate winter warmer and a definite essential. However, finding the right style for you can be quite the struggle and often we ditch the idea all together for fear of looking silly. But, luckily for your cold ears, we’ve turned to the trusty street style set to give you the low-down on how to actually be able to pull of a hat. Your next bad hair day? Sorted.

  1. Beanies
    Not only is the classic beanie the most useful in terms of keeping us warm, they also add that cool skater-girl edge to any outfit. We like to pair ours with basically anything in winter and our top tip is to get one in a loud colour to brighten up any monochrome outfit.
  2. Berets
    We’re all dying to be as chic as the Parisians and what better way to do so than with a beret? Keep it simple in a classic black style and pair it with a snug knit dress and some snake heels to really make a statement when stepping into the office.
  3. Caps
    Baseball caps aren’t just for summer, soccer moms or even baseball games – this season we’re pairing them with our favourite blazer for that effortlessly chic, model off duty vibe. Sports luxe never looked so good.
  4. Bucket hats
    Listen up! Bucket hats are no longer just a festival exclusive, as we’re seeing the ’90s classic on all our favourite street style stars. Our favourite way to style them is with dressy outfits so people didn’t think you tried too hard (even though you totally did).
  5. Headbands
    If we’ve still not managed to convince you to try out a hat, ease your way into the concept with a headband instead. We like to pair the ultra-feminine accessory with some more androgynous outfits like suits. Extra style points up for grabs if you manage to match your headband colour to your clothes.


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