TOPSHOP:How To Pull Off A Hat Like A Street Style Star This Season

Whether it’s a beret, beanie or bucket – hats are undeniably the ultimate winter warmer and a definite essential. However, finding the right style for you can be quite the struggle and often we ditch the idea all together for fear of looking silly. But, luckily for your cold ears, we’ve turned to the trusty street style set to give you the low-down on how to actually be able to pull of a hat. Your next bad hair day? Sorted.

  1. Beanies
    Not only is the classic beanie the most useful in terms of keeping us warm, they also add that cool skater-girl edge to any outfit. We like to pair ours with basically anything in winter and our top tip is to get one in a loud colour to brighten up any monochrome outfit.
  2. Berets
    We’re all dying to be as chic as the Parisians and what better way to do so than with a beret? Keep it simple in a classic black style and pair it with a snug knit dress and some snake heels to really make a statement when stepping into the office.
  3. Caps
    Baseball caps aren’t just for summer, soccer moms or even baseball games – this season we’re pairing them with our favourite blazer for that effortlessly chic, model off duty vibe. Sports luxe never looked so good.
  4. Bucket hats
    Listen up! Bucket hats are no longer just a festival exclusive, as we’re seeing the ’90s classic on all our favourite street style stars. Our favourite way to style them is with dressy outfits so people didn’t think you tried too hard (even though you totally did).
  5. Headbands
    If we’ve still not managed to convince you to try out a hat, ease your way into the concept with a headband instead. We like to pair the ultra-feminine accessory with some more androgynous outfits like suits. Extra style points up for grabs if you manage to match your headband colour to your clothes.


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