ZARA:4 Trends Anna Wintour Said She Loved Last Year—and 3 She Hated

You didn’t think we’d stop listening to Anna Wintour in 2020, did you? As we’ve reported before, the editor in chief’s Go Ask Anna video series for Vogue is a treasure trove of information and offers us rare glimpses inside her mind. Sometimes she tells us what not to wear to a job interview and other times she’ll recap the biggest runway trends. Whatever the content is, you know it will be insightful and informed coming from one of the biggest names in fashion.
Since we now have a full year of videos to look back on, we decided to take a walk down memory lane and revisit some of Wintour’s key messages from last year. Hint: Raffia is in, and all-black is out. Scroll down to shop four trends Wintour has approved of and find out the three trends she’d pass on.
Loved: Sleeveless Dresses
Last summer, Wintour was asked in a video about the best item to stay chic in hot weather. Her answer: sleeveless dresses.
Hated: Boring Sequin Dresses
Wintour’s February 2019 video for Vogue discussed what not to wear to black-tie events. “Don’t wear a boring sequin dress or a debutante-style dress just because you feel you should,” Wintour said. “I get the most pleasure and the most excitement, and I think the person who’s wearing it does as well, when I look at a woman who’s wearing something that I feel looks just like her.”
Loved: Trench Coats
When asked about the top trends for 2020, Wintour made sure to include trench coats on her list. Luckily, there are tons of affordable yet chic options out there.
Hated: All Black
“Just don’t wear all black,” Wintour said in a video last spring. “It seems too gloomy, as if one’s going to a funeral.” Instead, she suggested “adding some color or favorite piece of jewelry or maybe white boots. Just something that’s a little bit unexpected.”
Loved: Bucket Bags
Last month, Wintour was asked about the best accessories trends and she made sure to call out bucket bags. “Bucket bags and more bucket bags, in leather, in canvas, in suede, in every possible fabric that you can think of,” she said.
Hated: Neon Leggings
In August 2019, Wintour revealed in a Vogue video that she had seen “far too many neon leopard-print leggings, something that I would definitely not want to see again.”
Loved: Raffia
“We’re seeing a lot of linen and raffia fabrics that are very organic and natural,” Wintour said in response to a question about 2020 accessory trends.


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