TOPSHOP:7 Simple Lifestyle Changes That Will Improve Your Skin

Keeping our skin clear and glowing has never been advertised as an easy quest – in fact, for many of us, it can be quite the struggle. And with a whole alphabet worth of acids and oils that promise to reveal fresh skin overnight, the process has become pretty overwhelming. But, we think it can be much easier than that: sometimes a few simple lifestyle changes can be all it takes. We did our research so you don’t have to and rounded up the top seven lifestyle tips that will definitely improve the appearance of your skin…

  1. Drink more water
    We’ll start off with the obvious and the boring, but perhaps the most important. We know you’ve heard it a million times but drinking more water genuinely can work wonders when it comes to improving the look of your skin. It’s hydrating from the inside out, flushes out toxins and improves blood flow which, in effect, will make your skin look its best. Not to mention it’s good for pretty much everything else from treating headaches to boosting your metabolism too. Take this as a sign and grab yourself a glass of water…
  2. Reduce intake of dairy
    This is more of a drastic step, but limiting your dairy intake can have some amazing effects on your skin. Dairy products are full of hormones that can irritate the skin, with skimmed milk being labelled as the worst for our complexion. We know giving up cheese and chocolate can sound daunting, but luckily there are tonnes of dairy free alternatives available today that taste just as good, minus the breakouts. You might even notice less bloating and a more stable mood too…
  3. Take your make-up off before bed
    Unfortunately, this one doesn’t just mean sweeping a make-up wipe over your face before bed. Instead, make it a habit to remove your makeup and then wash your face afterwards to make sure all make-up has been removed and your face has been properly cleansed. If this isn’t already part of your daily routine then you’ll notice a significance difference, potentially even overnight. We know it can be hard to maintain, especially if you’re having a late night but it should only take you five minutes and the benefits will be worth it, trust us.
  4. Exercise
    Not only does exercising make you happier, healthier and more energised, it can also keep skin looking great too. Through sweating, our pores actually release toxins which means blemishes will be kept at bay. But remember to take off your make-up before a workout and wash your face straight after too because letting these toxins lay on our skin can have the opposite effect. Also, exercising lowers our stress hormones and increases collagen production ,which won’t just help with breakouts but also prevent ageing.
  5. Sleep more
    The majority of us probably aren’t getting those eight hours of sleep every night, but the promise of glowing skin might give you more of an incentive to hop into bed an hour or two earlier. You may notice that when you haven’t had a good night’s sleep, your skin can appear puffy and dull and that’s because your skin’s hydration levels haven’t been able to rebalance. By sleeping for the correct amount of time, much like exercising, our cortisol levels decrease ,which prevents inflammation. So all in all, beauty sleep is a legit thing.
  6. Change your bed sheets
    Your pillowcases can hold a lot of bacteria, especially if you do sleep with your make-up on or with wet hair. We’d recommend changing your sheets once a week and flipping or switching your pillow every couple of days to prevent any build up on the skin. This should set up a nice environment for a better night’s sleep too, which fits perfectly with tip number five. A bonus tip would be investing in a silk pillowcase – they’re said to be naturally hypoallergenic and to help skin retain moisture, which means our skin doesn’t overproduce oils leading to blocked pores.
  7. Clean your phone
    If we think about how often we touch our phone every day and then think about how often we clean our phones, it’s not an appealing thought. If you’re noticing breakouts on just one side of your face, then a dirty phone could be the reason why. Pick up some anti-bacterial wipes on your next trip to the supermarket and wipe your phone down daily to keep it clean. On the same wavelength, keep your hands just as clean and try not to touch your face as much.


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