5 Things Paris Hilton Wore In The ’00s That We Would Totally Wear Now

You might know her as the ‘valley girl’ heiress from The Simple Life, the girl who once had Kim Kardashian as her personal assistant or the professional DJ with residency in Ibiza – of course we’re talking about the ’00s icon, Paris Hilton. With today marking her 39th birthday (we know, we can’t believe it either), we couldn’t think of a better time to look back at her truly iconic wardrobe. From velour tracksuits to the lowest of low-rise jeans, you’ll be surprised at how many of these 2000s trends made famous by Paris we’d actually love to have in our wardrobes now. Don’t believe us? Keep scrolling…

  1. Strappy mules
    Mules are the ultimate trending shoe of the moment – and Paris was ahead of her time back in 2004 when she wore this fuchsia, diamanté-embellished pair. Nowadays, we’d wear ours with a dad jean and a white tee, but this denim mini skirt and bright pink jersey combo is just so quintessentially Paris.
  2. Shoulder bags
    We’re sure you’re seeing shoulder bags everywhere at the moment but the style staple isn’t anything new. In fact, this trend dates all the way back to the ’90s and ’00s, when all the celebrities were rocking them on red carpets and coffee runs alike. Today, we’re loving modern nylon styles, faux-fur versions and chained handles.
  3. Graphic tees
    Paris has never been shy of a graphic tee – if it wasn’t an iconic logo style it was ‘Stop being desperate’ or our personal favourite, ‘I heart shoes bags and boys’. They’ve become pretty reminiscent of Paris’ famous style and we’d definitely sport some, if not all of them, today. Now we just need her favourite ever accessory: a tiny puppy.
  4. Halter tops
    Halter tops have been a summer wardrobe staple for decades: they’re a great way to show off a tan or to dress up some denim on a night out. Paired with a super low-waist skirt and another shoulder bag, this look gives us total Barbie-girl vibes.
  5. The ultimate birthday dress
    Paris Hilton’s 21st birthday, as expected, was extremely lavish. The celebrations lasted over several months with parties in Las Vegas, New York, Paris and Tokyo to name just a few. Her party in London is where she wore this now-famous chainmail party dress which she says she refuses to let any of her friends borrow. The dress is in fact so iconic that Kendall Jenner recreated the look for her own 21st birthday in 2016.


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