ZARA:5 Lingerie Trends We Called Months Ago That Are Now a Really Big Deal

Earlier this year, we filled you in on all of the biggest spring trends of 2020. Amongst those trends was one particular overarching theme we saw in abundance on the spring/summer runways. We called it “beyond the bedroom,” and you guessed it—this trend theme is all about lingerie and how it is making a name for itself in the ready-to-wear world. While we saw boudoir detailing as a whole declare quite a presence this season, we were pleasantly surprised to see how prominent the smaller trends within this category came to fruition as well.
Garters, corsets, slip dresses, bra tops, and hosiery are all lingerie trends we predicted would make it big in the sartorial world and just a few months later, the market has shown that we were right. What could have bubbled to become more of a micro-trend proved to be much bigger than that, as retailers in both the luxury and contemporary space are stocking up on the five lingerie trends you’re about to read up on below.
First off, corsets are undeniably one of the easiest and coolest ways to participate in the lingerie trend movement. These fitted and boned undergarments are now being worn casually as tops with everything from jeans to formal skirts and trousers.
If you have no problem with a skin-baring look, then bra tops will be your best friend this season. Style them underneath big blazers or cropped cardigans or wear them solo for a summer-approved top.
Garters may seem like an unreasonable trend to wear IRL, but once you see the shopping selection below, you’ll think twice. This particular trend is more about the interpretation than the literal incorporation of garters into your wardrobe, but if you’re game to try a more literal approach, by all means, go for it.
This season, get creative with your accessories and incorporate some sultry stockings into the mix. Including everything from thigh-highs to seamed hosiery, this subtle addition to any outfit will make it feel ten times more fresh and 10 times more exciting.
Slip dresses are one of the most versatile dress styles around, as they have the ability to transform from a casual frock into something evening-appropriate in absolutely no time at all. Whether you prefer lace trim or plain black silk, we can guarantee you that this easy-to-wear dress is going to be “in” for a while.


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