Premium trend-led styles with a classic twist? Yes, Mango has been serving them up since 1984 – inundating your wardrobe and systematically wearing out your add-to-bag functionality. And now, just in time for summer, the Barcelona-born company has just dropped a whole lot of styleStyle is a manner of doing or presenting things, especially a fashionable one. goodness (via sleek warm weather gear and accessoriesA fashion accessory is an item used to contribute, in a secondary manner, to the wearer’s outfit, often used to complete an outfit and chosen to specifically complement the wearer’s look.). Check out our top picks below…

Mango is championing preppy meets oh-so-slightly twee vibes for your garms this summer. Exhibit A and B? This white sleeveless top that’s heavy on the charming detailing. Think broderie fabricA fabric is a material made through weaving, knitting, spreading, crocheting, or bonding that may be used in production of further goods (garments, etc.)., contrast buttons and a ruffle hem. And match it with a mini skirt with 60s-style button placement in cutesy gingham.

Then for the accessories, the rule of thumb is: the kitscher, the better. Following on from this year’s biggest bag trend (Instagram confirms), our eye’s been turned by this colourful woven shopper. For an additional dose of print, throw it back to the 80s with these retro-style polka-dot knotted sandals. Let’s not forget, festival season requires that extra bit of flavour, so a bold printed scarf (perfect for tying around the neck or wrapping around the hair) is another top option. So good.


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2m BOOST FOR CARERS CARERS across Renfrewshire are to get a well deserved helping hand, thanks to a funding boost from the Scottish Government.
cheap jerseys Minister for Public Health Shona Robison is keen to give support to the unsung heroes who devote much of their time to caring for loved ones. And she has announced that more than worth of extra funding will be given to NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde which covers Renfrewshire to support carers over the next three years. They will benefit from greater awareness and recognition of their role, better
cheap jerseys china information on the support available to them and more access to training to help them cope with the demands they face. NHS staff will also be given training on how to identify unpaid carers and let them know the type of support they can be given. Ms Robison said: "It is of great importance that we identify people who unselfishly give much of their time to care
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MANGO Revives The 90’s With Liu Wen

Asia’s most international model Liu Wen is taking over from Kendall Jenner and fronting the second trend to be highlighted by MANGO; Soft Minimal. Monochrome slip get Cialis Professional dressesA dress (also known as a frock or a gown) is a garment consisting of a skirt with an attached bodice (or a matching bodice giving the effect of a one-piece garment). In Western culture, dresses are more often worn by women and girls., that dominated the decade, and flowy silk separates, inspired by the supermodels that epitomized the 90’s, are refreshed for the modern wardrobeA wardrobe is a standing closet used for storing clothes. Many people[who?] argue that wardrobes are different in use and style of closets, but they were created by the French to be used as a closet. The earliest wardrobe was a chest, and it was not until some degree of luxury was attained in regal palaces and the castles of powerful nobles that separate accommodation was provided for the apparel of the great. The name of wardrobe was then given to a room in which the wall-space was filled with closets and lockers, the drawer being a comparatively modern invention[citation needed]. From these cupboards and lockers the modern wardrobe, with its hanging spaces, sliding shelves and drawers, evolved slowly. and perfect for those early evening cocktail parties you have planned (or should plan!)

“I really appreciate the soft, minimal trend because I enjoy keeping things simple yet beautiful. All the clothes I wear in the campaign have simple lines and are made from soft fabrics such as silk, which is ideal for any time of the day. I think everyone will love this collection, especially when they actually feel it in the stores!” Liu Wen

Video here:

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Does Eating Avocado Do Good Things for Hair and Skin

Does Eating Avocado Do Good Things for Hair and Skin

crop coming from California and the Hass avocado being the most widely available. This fruit boasts a wealth of vitamins and minerals as well as healthy fats. You may be familiar with using avocado topically to moisturize and exfoliate your skin and promote healthy hair, but due to the wealth of nutrients in avocados, eating them can keep your skin and hair looking young and healthy too. Add avocados to salads or sandwiches, blend it into a pesto sauce or whip up some guacamole with whole grain pita chips for a healthy snack.
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Biotin, or vitamin H, is part of the B complex vitamins and is vital for healthy skin and hair. One half of an avocado contains 3 micrograms of biotin, or about 10 percent of the recommended dietary allowance. A 2012 article in Advances in Clinical Nutrition stated a biotin deficiency can cause dermatitis, alopecia, skin infection, rashes and thinning hair. You require other B vitamins to maintain healthy skin and hair, and a lack of them in your diet can cause dermatitis and hair loss. Avocados are also a good
wholesale hair source of the B complex vitamins thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B 6 and folate.

Your body produces free radicals every day through environmental factors, such as sun exposure and pollution. Free radicals can damage your skin and cause gray hair or loss of hair. Antioxidant vitamins, including vitamins A, C and E, protect you from the ill effects of free radicals. One cup of avocado contains 16 percent and 20 percent of the RDA of vitamin C for adult men and women, respectively. Vitamin C helps manufacture new skin cells, heal wounds and make scar tissue. A deficiency in vitamin C may cause dry, splitting hair and dry, scaly skin.

Avocados also contain 24 percent and 31 percent of the RDA of vitamin A for adult men and women, respectively. You need vitamin A to make and maintain new skin cells. A study published in 2003 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed an association between higher dietary vitamin A and decreased sebum production, which is beneficial if you suffer from acne. A 2009 pilot study published in Dermatoendocrinology discovered young males with acne had higher sebum than subjects without acne. Vitamin E may prevent hair loss by increasing the number of capillaries you have. With more capillaries, your blood supply increases to your scalp, and the improved circulation prevents hair loss, encourages hair growth and reduces split ends.

Avocados contain polyunsaturated fatty acids. Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids protect and strengthen your skin. They also stimulate molecules that decrease inflammation and can defend your skin from sun damage and aging, according to the Linus Pauling Institute. The omega 9 fatty acids in avocados prevent the top layer of your skin from drying out so it feels soft and looks healthy. They also protect you from irritated and red skin and help heal damaged skin cells. In addition, polyunsaturated fatty acids found in fruits in vegetables may protect men from skin damage from the sun, according to a study published in the Journal of Dermatological Science in 2013.

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Mango Kids opens Paola outlet

Mango Kids has opened an outlet at the Main Street ShoppingShopping is an activity in which a customer browses the available goods or services presented by one or more retailers with the intent to purchase a suitable selection of them. In some contexts it may be considered a leisure activity as well as an economic one. purchase cheap Sildenafil Complex, Paola. Mango is one of Spain’s most international fashionFashion is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing, or furniture. Fashion is a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style in which a person dresses. It is the prevailing styles in behaviour and the newest creations of textile designers. brands. The children’s clothing line, aimed at three- to 14-year-olds, includes basic garments and trendier outfits, adapting some of the bestsellers from the women’s collection for girls, called ‘mini-me’. The collections include accessories and footwear. Mango Kids is also at The Point Shopping Centre, Sliema.

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Mango Is Making Fast Fashion Even Faster

How fast can fast fashionFashion is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing, or furniture. Fashion is a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style in which a person dresses. It is the prevailing styles in behaviour and the newest creations of textile designers. get? Spanish retailer Mango wants to make things even quicker (and keep up with the competition). It will start shipping new collections every two weeks, starting in February 2016, when its spring collection launches. Currently, the retailer already has the capability to plop new merch on the racks every couple of weeks, but it doesn’t always do so, and it definitely doesn’t do so all year round, according to WWD.

“Speed and immediacy will be the key factors of this new strategy,” a representative for the brand told WWD. “Mango teams are focusing their efforts on getting the right products into the stores at the right time.” The brand’s deliveryDelivery is the process of transporting goods from a source location to a predefined destination. There are different delivery types. Cargo (physical goods) are primarily delivered via roads and railroads on land, shipping lanes on the sea and airline networks in the air. Certain specialized goods may be delivered via other networks, such as pipelines for liquid goods, power grids for electrical power and computer networks such as the Internet or broadcast networks for electronic information. and logistics capacities haven’t been holding it back from a quicker production schedule, according to the representative; rather, the brand will be changing how it coordinates between various teams.

Mango will also now launch a new ad campaign each month, to keep customers clued in about all that new garb on the shelves. But, as a result of that shorter production schedule, the brand has decided to discontinue the catalog it has been doling out to a whopping 22 million customers annually, according to WWD.

This swifter production schedule will bring Mango up to speed with competitors that include Zara (bred on Mango’s home turf) and H&M, which already have been rolling out new items in as few as 14 days. However, these retailers aren’t necessarily doing so all of the time, so for the most restless and attention-challenged of shoppers out there, Mango’s commitment to a revved-up pace could trump the competition.

Continue Reading, The Premier Fashion Destination For Sizes 12+, Adds Violeta by MANGO

NEW YORK, Jan. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — announces the launch of the Spanish fashion label Violeta by MANGO to be added to its expanding plus-size apparel online marketplace. Violeta by MANGO Spring 2016 collection offers 590 styles and 180 accessories, a highly curated assortment and qualityQuality in business, engineering and manufacturing has a pragmatic interpretation as the non-inferiority or superiority of something; it is also defined as fitness for purpose. Quality is a perceptual, conditional, and somewhat subjective attribute and may be understood differently by different people. Consumers may focus on the specification quality of a product/service, or how it compares to competitors in the marketplace. Producers might measure the conformance quality, or degree to which the product/service was produced correctly. collection targeting the modern full-figured woman and a young female market who want to feel both sexy and fashionable. Violeta by MANGO brings an international styleStyle is a manner of doing or presenting things, especially a fashionable one. order Albendazole to the curvy customer rounding out the selection and wardrobe options on

Violeta by MANGO offers workwear staples and streamlined silhouettes retailing from $20 to $380 for clothing and $26 to $180 for accessories in sizes ranging from 10-22. The Spring 2016 collection has a distinct 70’s inspiration theme. In this disco decade, denim emerges as a key fabric, seen in flared trousers, long maxi-skirts and over-shirts. Golden hues of cognac and mustard are evident in jumpsuits and overalls, offerings that perfectly represent the youthful freedom and optimism of this era. In tune with this sentiment, the collection saturates itself with novel garments such as the tracksuit-style trouser. The novelty lies in the artisanal details, which exist in all types of garments: jackets with a rustic look and embroidered blouses with cotton lacework. These trend-driven silhouettes are softened with cashmere printed blouses and dresses with feminine lace details. The explosion of color and combination of prints add a touch of originality. Natural fabrics, such as cotton and linen, combine with multi-colour stripes and embroidery, offering a comfortable and fresh look, ideal for this season.

For more information please visit and shop or contact 5W Public Relations.

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Kendall Jenner to Star in Mango’s ‘Tribal Spirit’ Campaign

KALLING KENDALL: Mango is on a mission to match its marketing plans with the pace of its fast-fashion business and it’s tapped Kendall Jenner as part of the plan, WWD has learned.

Jenner will star in “Tribal Spirit,” the first of the four separate themes that make up the spring 2016 campaign. She will model the collection, which is inspired by the African savanna, and includes a tribal print dress with a high slit, and a leather order misoprostol Leather is a durable and flexible material created by tanning animal rawhide and skin, often cattle hide. It can be produced at manufacturing scales ranging from cottage industry to heavy industry. fringe minidress.

The campaign was photographed by David Sims in a London-based studio last month.

The brand is seeking to align its marketing efforts with the pace of fast-fashionFashion is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing, or furniture. Fashion is a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style in which a person dresses. It is the prevailing styles in behaviour and the newest creations of textile designers., and it plans to unveil a new mini-campaign — with a different face — each month for the spring season. A new ad will drop in the months of February, March, April and May.

“We are organizing our marketing strategy to be as close as possible to the strategy of the product,” said Mango vice president Daniel López in an interview. “We are creating and detecting and launching trends very quickly on the sales floor. And we’re also shooting the campaigns with the trends that we will have in the stores in that relevant month.” He said the celebrity that will star in each campaign will reflect “the relevant trend” for that month.

He said Jenner fit in well with the mood of the savanna. “We thought that she was the best model to embody this trend. And obviously the upside with that is that, as a model, she’s very professional, she works fantastically. As a celebrity she has huge repercussions in the market and among her followers.“

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Mango announce Kendall Jenner as the first face of their new Fast Fashion Concept

To meet the demands of their increasingly demanding and discerning customersA customer (sometimes known as a client, buyer, or purchaser) is the recipient of a good, service, product, or idea, obtained from a seller, vendor, or supplier for a monetary or other valuable consideration. Mango have come up with a clever new fashion concept.

The brand will launch a new advertising campaign every month, featuring the trend of the moment, together with the face that best defines it.

Guaranteeing newness and a host of hot new faces, this strategy will no doubt boost Sildenafil salesA sale is the exchange of a commodity or money as the price of a good or a service.[1] Sales (plural only) is activity related to selling or the amount of sold goods or services in a given time period..

For their first February launch, ‘Tribal Spirit,’ they have enlisted the help of the modelling member of the Kardashian Klan, Kendall Jenner.

Mango felt that Kendall was the perfect choice to model an ethnic collection, that is inspired by the wild savannah and has a strong tribal influence.

The Spanish high street retailer are renowned for choosing influential models to represent their brand and Kendall joins the likes of other famous Mango faces Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne .

Mango’s new ‘Tribal Spirit’ collection is comprised of printed fabrics, suede pieces, earth tones such as mustard, browns, camel and sand.

On the collection and her latest assignment Kendall said: “I am delighted to have been chosen to present the Tribal Spirit part of the collection.
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Kendall Jenner wows as the new face of high-street store MANGO

High-street hotspot MANGO have given us a glimpse of their new Tribal Spirit campaign starring Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kendall Jenner, and we can’t get over how stunning the shots are!

Reality star Kendall has followed in the footsteps of her model pals Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne to front the store’s new boho-esque fashion line – which launched in storeA retail store where merchandise is sold, usually a product, usually on a retail basis, and where wares are often kept. and online today – and she has once again proven that she can pull off anything.

In one gorgeous snap, Victoria’s Secret angel Kenny channels her inner festival chick and slips into a pair of billowing brown trousers and an off-the-shoulder sweater which boasts fringed sleeves and a rope belt. The star who usually wears her sleek and straight hair in a simple centre parting opted for a dishevelled plait.

In another shot, Kendall proves her Xenical 120 mg fashionFashion is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing, or furniture. Fashion is a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style in which a person dresses. It is the prevailing styles in behaviour and the newest creations of textile designers. credentials in a pair of chunky black flatforms and an ethnic print frock featuring an incredibly chic side split and three-quarter-length sleeves.

Just gorgeous.

Kendall – who has walked for a string of high-end fashion houses such as Chanel, Givenchy and Balmain to name but a few – recently gushed over the new, affordable campaign and mentioned that it was an honour to be a part of it all.

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