ZARA:The Most Wearable 2020 Ankle-Boot Trends You Need to Know—Period

Here’s a hot take for you: Ankle boots are one of—if not the—most versatile styles of footwear out there. More likely than not, you’ve had at least one classic black pair in your closet at all times, including those pointed-toe ones that go with everything you own (you know exactly which ones I’m talking about).
No matter the season, rain or shine, you know those trusted booties would never fail you. But in the chance that you’re looking to up your boot game this year, there are a few key ankle-boot styles for 2020 you should keep in mind.
Whether you’re the type of person who likes to wear sleek, polished booties with everything you own or you prefer a more casual option for your everyday affairs, these trends will suit every type of fashion girl. So as you begin to fill your closet with the biggest spring trends of 2020, kick off the new decade in peak style with the most wearable ankle-boot trends that matter for the year ahead.
Take a Hike
The hiking-inspired aesthetic, also known as “gorpcore,” has become a full-blown trend, making its way into almost every aspect of the fashion world—boots included. Opt for a pair of tough lace-up hiking-style boots to give your look an unexpected edge.
All Laced Up
Lace-up boots are nothing new, but this year’s lot features the detail on every type of silhouette ranging from combat-style boots to sleek, pointed toes. And if you want to take it up a notch, opt for a style that features cool hardware.
Heavy Tread
The heavy, lug-sole boots of the ’90s have made their way back to 2020, and we can’t get enough. This It girl–approved trend (which is reminiscent of the grunge movement) will add a unique air of toughness to even the most delicate ensembles.
If this year’s biggest ankle-boot trends have proven anything so far, it’s that this year is all about practicality. Case in point? Rain boots. Whether you’re facing a torrential downpour, a light sprinkle, or clear blue skies, these boots will look as good with a floral midi skirt as they will with a pair of jeans.
Squared Away
Square-toe sandals made a surprising return to the fashion world, eventually becoming one of the top trends among the style-obsessed. Now, square toes are coming for ankle boots. Swap out your classic pointed-toe booties for this new silhouette to give yourself a look any It girl would love.
Smitten Kitten
We can’t get enough of kitten heels, and apparently, neither can the rest of the industry. For a more comfortable alternative to your standard heeled ankle boots that look just as polished, these low-heeled booties are just what you need.


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ZARA:”Ugly” Fashion Isn’t Just a Passing Trend

It feels like this year, we’ve hit peak “ugly.” Balenciaga can’t keep its chunky Triple S sneakers in stock. Long-time dad favorites like baseball caps and Birkenstocks have become the calling card of street style stars and Instagram trendsetters. With the rise of these recent ironic fashion trends presented by brands like Vetements and even Gucci, for many women today it’s cool to be uncool.

But at the root of this “ugly” wave is something bigger, at least to me. Finally women are choosing practicality over everything else. Cushioned shoes, loose streetwear, and comfortable fleeces all point to the ability for women to embrace comfort, curve-hugging be damned. To be able to spend my days running from meeting to meeting in sneakers instead of stilettos means that high fashion doesn’t have to come with a cost (pain). In a time when the daily news cycle leaves me constantly frustrated, I have little tolerance for discomfort in what I wear.

I’ve watched athleisure slowly morph, twisting its way from slinky trouser sweats toward a full embrace of “dad” fashion, and I don’t think it’s all just some passing trend. There was a time not so long ago (as my mother loves to remind me) when wearing jeans for just about anything but yardwork was disavowed. Now, while some offices require a suit, visit any tech company and employees are dressed in slouchy jeans, Patagonia jackets, and their sneakers of choice.

We can look to the prevailing popularity of footwear like Uggs, Birkenstocks, and Crocs as proof of this trend’s growth and staying power. Studies show each brand to be lucrative season over season, despite the fact that none of their shoes could be described as a particularly dainty or pretty. According to data, Birkenstocks’ revenue tripled in 2017 as compared to the year before. In a Washington Post article, Crocs CMO, Terence Reilly, notes “a resurgence” as well.

Even as an avid Birkenstock wearer myself, I was surprised to find an article from my alma mater singing the praises of Crocs pop up in my Facebook feed and another in The New Yorker outlining “the life-changing magic of clogs.” While we all may have our own self-defined wearability spectrum when it comes to the ugly trend, there’s no denying that the level of comfort offered by all of these once-derided shoes has won over many women, myself and many Who What Wear readers included.

The pendulum of fashion will continue to swing, and there may be a time in the not-so-distant future where borrowing styles from your dad is no longer preferred, but I expect fashion’s embrace of comfort to linger. I wouldn’t go so far as to directly correlate comfortable fashion choices with the rise of #MeToo or #TimesUp, but I do think that we’ve entered a time when many women feel empowered to choose self-care, and what we wear plays no small part.


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ZARA:8 Spring Trends That Are Technically Free

Is there anything better than a trend you don’t have to actually spend money on? This perpetually over-budget editor thinks not and is imagining those reading this are nodding in agreement as well. After all, who’s not about low risk coupled with high reward—especially when it comes to fashion? Again, I’ll assume you concur.

But really, whether it’s something we all bought years ago that’s suddenly back in the spotlight or a styling trick that’s simply a new way to wear pieces you already own, the eight trends you’re about to see below not only fall into that free category but, beyond that, are actually some of spring’s best. In short, there are endless reasons to love them (and wear them) all season long. So to see all eight of the budget-friendly trends we’re endorsing for the months ahead, just keep scrolling.

  1. Baseball Caps
    Who doesn’t have one or a dozen old caps lying around? It’s time to wear them and get on board with the trend both EmRata and editors have been quick to already embrace.
  2. Scarf Styling
    From giant scarves styled as dresses to smaller ones transformed into tops to entirely reworked versions made into intricate garments, designers were highly inspired by the classic accessory for spring. So it’s time to take one out and start searching YouTube for ways to wear it.
  3. Denim Skirts
    It was only a matter of time until jean skirts had their comeback moment, and according to brands like Stella McCartney, Celine, and Alexander Wang, S/S 20 is it.
  4. Raffia
    Even if you don’t have a raffia ball gown lying around, odds are you’ve acquired at least one straw bag in the last decade’s worth of summers, so dust it off and get ready to wear it a lot next season.
  5. Tube Tops
    I can confidently guess that 99% of the people reading this have an old, stretchy tube top either in the way back of their closets or somewhere in their intimates drawer that they simply never got rid of. Kudos to you for saving it because they’re back!
  6. Dresses Over Pants
    Whether with jeans, cargos, or trousers, dress-over-pants layering was the styling trend we spotted on countless runways from Khaite to Jacquemus to Brock Collection and can’t wait to re-create in the coming months.
  7. Crochet
    Be it an old sweater, beachwear, or Coachella outfit you never thought you’d re-wear, this spring is the time to bring any and all forms of crochet back into your rotation.
  8. Double Belting
    Got one belt? Good. Got a second belt? Even better. Now, all you have to do is wear them at the same time, as seen above.


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ZARA: Long Shorts Are the Future—Here Are 7 Ways to Wear Them Right Now

Fun fact: The first time we reported on long shorts was 12 months ago. We predicted their rise to the top in 2020 and clearly, we were right. Because of that, we’re kind of already in the future, but due to the existing success of this trend, we can once again assume that this style is here for the long haul. The runways set the trend for S/S 20 and now that we finally have some new street style imagery that’s educating us on all the fresh new ways to wear them right now.
Ahead, we’ve rounded up a handful of the most stylish ways fashion girls are styling long shorts this year that are not only trendy but are easy to recreate. To prove it to you, we shopped out each look for you so you don’t even have to lift a finger.
If you love an outfit that’s beyond simple to put together, invest in a shorts suit. With two pieces and a couple of accessories, you’ll be looking on-trend and polished in seconds.
This spring, skin is in, and one of our favorite ways to off-set the exposure is via boxy blazers and longer shorts.
Tap into the utility trend via longer cargo shorts and some chunky lug-sole boots. A chunky sweater will keep you warm from now until spring’s arrival.
First of all, how good is this two-tone-themed look? Second of all, your classic trench coat is a great piece to pair with your long shorts, in addition to some interesting knee-high boots.
The 2020 version of jorts is longer and looser. Keep the styling of these simple with monotone hues and sleek tailoring.
Let your favorite leather layering pieces live on this season by mixing them with shirts and turtlenecks, shorts and tall boots, and more.
There’s never anything wrong with wearing head-to-toe black. But if you do, be sure to keep proportions interesting. Longer shorts are perfect for doing exactly that.


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ZARA:7 Looks That Prove Leather Pants Are as Easy to Wear as Jeans

All the Ways to Wear is a monthly series where we round up the personal twists the Who What Wear team is putting on one particular item, style, or trend. Whether it’s the trending denim of the moment or the season’s It print, we hope to inspire your daily outfits and up the cost per wear on some of our favorite items.
I’m an avid denim wearer to the point where I sometimes go weeks without wearing anything else. It’s hard not to be when they’re just so dang versatile, but I’m making a conscious effort to switch up my winter outfits more. Enter leather pants: the bottom style I never knew I needed and that I now can’t live without. I personally find them as easy to style as my trusty jeans and find they look a bit more polished for work and nights out.
I’m clearly not alone—practically everyone in the Who What Wear offices has been wearing leather (or faux leather!) pants recently. Translation? Styling ideas in abundance. For your viewing pleasure are my current seven favorite leather-pant outfits spotted on my chic coworkers…
This look is simple at its core: a plain white tee, leather pants, and loafers. But when you top it off with a fun color-block bag and a plaid shirt jacket (shacket anyone?), then you’ve got a cool off-duty look that will get you stopped on the street.
Unexpected color combos simply put a smile on my face, and this pink-and-green pairing is no exception. It’s definitely all the proof I need that leather pants can be worn pretty much until sweater weather turns into sweaty weather.
I love the juxtaposition between a polished button-down and edgier leather pants, especially for a sleek office outfit. I also will be wearing my collars outside of my jackets until further notice. Is #laurenmademedoit trending yet?
The matching sweater set, the chunky gold chain necklace, the lug-sole boots… there are so many important things happening in this outfit that I almost forgot about those cool leather jogger pants. Everything about this cozy outfit is why I’m able to leave my NYC apartment in the dead of winter.
Black-and-white outfits always feel polished, even when they involve a casual sweater and high-top converse. I’m also really into this little trendy snakeskin handbag for completing the two-tone look.
These pants are arguably the most tailored of the bunch, making them the perfect polished wardrobe piece for epic office style. When topped off with a plaid blazer and pointy croc boots, this could be a great outfit to impress your boss in.
This weekend-ready outfit is ideal for days when a bright color is the only thing getting you through the dreary weather.


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ZARA:Sweater Sets Are Trending—Here Are 19 of the Best Duos on the Market

Fear not for many cozy and cute times lie ahead thanks to the latest market trend—sweater sets. The fall and winter runways displayed a plethora of knits on knits ranging from skirts and tops to sweaters on sweaters, but as we prepare for the official arrival of spring, it’s the sweater sets specifically that have risen to the top. As an editor, I had been noticing what felt like tons of sweater sets on in the market (and on influencers) with the continual addition of new styles as the weeks went on, so naturally I decided to write this story.
Well, folks, it’s a good thing that I did because I don’t know what it is about this hot new duo, but they are oddly difficult to search for by name. In other words, you’re welcome for spending hours hunting down these naughty knits. Ahead, enjoy shopping my personal 19 favorite spring sweater sets on the market right now that will have your spring wardrobe set and ready in no time.
Shop the matching Ruched Knit Top ($20).
Go ahead, get the shorts too.

  • Openwork Knit Top ($46)
    This one is just plain adorable.
    That feeling when your sweater and your scarf match perfectly.
    Meet the French brand that has It girls clamoring for more.
  • Metallic Floral-Jacquard Sweater ($320)
    You’ll feel like a grandma until you see your bra is showing.
  • Brown Cashmere Eda Bra ($530)
    How could we do a sweater set story without including Khaite?
    Just wait until you see the matching tank.
    Told ya it was good.
  • Knit Halter Top ($46)
    This set feels very Charlotte from Sex and the City.
    Proof sweater sets can be perfect for all occasions—even a night out.
    This bright hue will have you smiling all day long.
    This is 100% cute enough to wear on its own as well.
  • Nevin Ribbed Pointelle-Knit Cashmere and Silk-Blend Tank ($490)
    This ribbed set is so incredibly sleek.


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ZARA:9 Shoes You Should Ditch to Upgrade Your Style

Now that you’re familiar with a few general things Who What Wear editors are giving up to be more stylish, it’s time to get a little more specific and talk about the item that can make or break a look: shoes. We all have those shoes we hold onto for a bit too long, whether it’s for sentimental reasons or simply because we loved them once (probably a little too much, based on their worn-out appearance), but the truth is they’re taking up space that could be used for shoes that are in style. Cue the trip to Goodwill to donate them, so they can go to a new home and be saved for the next time they inevitably come back around.

Shoes can go in and out of the trend zone in the blink of an eye, and wearing an “out” pair can instantly make your entire look feel dated. Accordingly, we came to the conclusion that there are nine styles in particular that no longer have a place in your wardrobe in 2020—and that we don’t think will be back in anytime soon. On the bright side, we have nine alternate styles that either lean more classic or are current trends that have proven their staying power. Ready to improve your style via your shoe collection?

Find out which shoes to toss and which to keep (or add to your closet) below.

DITCH: Wedge-Heel Boots
KEEP: Block-Heel Boots

Block heels are equally walkable as wedge heels but look much more polished and forward than wedges ever did.
DITCH: Platform Pumps
KEEP: Single-Sole Pointed Pumps

While pumps will always be classic go-tos when seeking polished shoes, the thick platform pumps that everyone used to teeter around in are gone for good. Don’t look back.
DITCH: Gladiator Sandals
KEEP: Naked Sandals

Gladiator sandals had their moment in the sun, but the complicated, typically unflattering style has since been replaced by something refreshingly simpler: the celebrity-approved naked sandals.
DITCH: Dirty, Damaged Shoes
KEEP: Well-Made Classics

If a pair of shoes is damaged beyond repair or isn’t worth the money or hassle required to get it repaired, ditch it and invest in quality shoes that will last and become wardrobe staples.
DITCH: Cheap Flip-Flops
KEEP: Slide Sandals

While we recently reported that flip-flops may be on their way back, those old rubber iterations you were fond of in college probably shouldn’t even be worn to the beach or Spin class. On the other hand, you can’t go wrong with a pair of slides, whether sporty or fancy.
DITCH: Peep-Toe Shoes
KEEP: V-Neck Shoes

While peep toes of any heel height are currently passé, V-neck options keep gaining in popularity, thanks to their flattering capabilities and modern look.
DITCH: Wedge Sneakers
KEEP: Simple, Clean Sneakers

Like with their dated wedge-heel boots, fashion girls are swapping their wedge sneakers of seasons past for kicks that are much more classic and minimal.
DITCH: Flatforms
KEEP: Mules

While “ugly” sandals are still a thing, experts agree that it’s time to say goodbye to the flatform trend. On the flip side, mules are still going strong and have become a classic in every fashion girl’s shoe collection.
DITCH: Goofy Printed Rain Boots
KEEP: Sleek Rubber Boots

Looking polished in inclement weather is no small feat. Maintain polish by swapping cheap-looking printed boots for a more elevated, neutral-hued pair.


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ZARA:The New “Naked” Swimsuit Trend Celebs Are Loving Right Now

We’re right in the middle of winter, meaning swimwear is probably not on your radar unless you’re heading somewhere beachy for the holidays like, let’s say Miami or a desolate island somewhere—or are a fashion editor with swimwear always on the brain. I fall under the latter category, so I follow roughly a bazillion swimsuit brands on IG, and I just found an emerging swimsuit trend I couldn’t wait till spring to share with you.

This past summer, we brought you a handful of controversial swim trends, like the barely there swimsuit celebs favored, the rise of thong bikinis, and a look we dubbed the “loincloth” bikini. Fast-forward to late November and I’m still adding to the list of polarizing swimsuit styles. This time we have Victoria’s Secret model and swimwear designer Candice Swanepoel to thank for a new wave of “naked” bikinis and one-piece options.

The model once posted the below photo wearing a style from her The C collection at Tropic of C. The skinny elastic cording used on the suits make this collection the newest iteration of barely-there beach dressing. Oh, and A-listers like Gigi Hadid and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have already liked Swanepoel’s photo, which basically means it’s set to be a celeb favorite this holiday vacation season. So whether you’re going to a popular beach destination like Miami or are simply planning on stocking up on swimwear for the summer months ahead, the selection here will have you ready for the chicest beach vacay ever.


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ZARA:The Non–Skinny Jean Trend the Chicest People Will Wear in the 2020s

While skinny jeans will never actually be out of style, there are a range of fresh, non-skinny silhouettes that continue to rise in popularity. Yep, we’re talking about styles like flared denim but also a recent favorite amongst the fashion and celeb world: full-length denim. This cut is in a straight fit, typically comes in a lighter wash, and bunches just slightly on top of the shoes. You may remember Hailey Bieber’s recent ensemble last month featuring the Khaite full-length jeans.

Sure, this silhouette is a far cry from the cropped skinny and straight jeans that we’ve been wearing over the last few seasons, but this is one denim style that will be that forward spin to any outfit in the 2020s. We bet the chicest people out there will give these jeans a whirl with pointed ankle boots now or low-heel strappy sandals when the temperatures start to warm up. To highlight this must-try denim trend further, we rounded up how fashion people are wearing full-length jeans now and how they turned up on the S/S 20 runways. Keep scrolling for more and to shop a few pairs as well.
Style Tip: Tucking a cardigan into full-length jeans like Hailey Bieber did feels so right now.
You’ll look impossibly cool stepping out in these very current full-length jeans.
Style Tip: Embrace the modern yet classic vibe with denim on denim and a white cropped tee.
These jeans would look A+ with flat boots or sandals to show off the slight bunch detail at the hem.
Style Tip: A pair of pointed stilettos feel unexpected with light-wash jeans, a graphic tee, and a moto jacket.
Tuck a white tee into these ’90s-esque straight-leg jeans for a chill yet forward vibe.
Style Tip: Chunky black boots bring a cool spin to Katie Holmes’s denim-and-overcoat outfit here.
You may just live in these modern light-wash jeans all year long—and that’s okay.
Style Tip: Bring instant polish to light-wash jeans with an elegant blazer and sleek turtleneck.
Try these jeans with pointed heels and a pattered blouse for a night out.
Style Tip: Try strappy sandals with full-length jeans mixed with a cropped jacket and a blouse come spring.
This is the brand fashion girls everywhere can’t seem to get enough of.
Style Tip: While this denim look would work for your off-duty life, it could also fit into your casual 9-to-5 life with the sophisticated jacket and white booties.


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ZARA:The Bag Trends That Will Invade the Fashion World in 6 Months

During fashion month, our attention is laser-focused on the runways to uncover the next-gen trends destined to dominate the fashion universe. While the spring 2020 shows—especially those during NYFW—offered a range of fresh looks in the ready-to-wear and accessories realms, it’s the new handbag silhouettes, in particular, that we’re shining a spotlight on right now.

One glance at the collections of designers from Tory Burch to Brandon Maxwell and you’ll quickly realize why we’re dedicating this entire piece to the coolest bags of the moment. Yep, from updated mini bags to supersize stunners, the styles in question are just that good.

Ahead, follow along as we bring you through the next It bag trends you’ll see everywhere when spring hits. And because we know you like to be the first in your friend group to test-drive the latest items, we’re also showcasing how to shop the next-level handbag trends right now as well. Carry on.
This casual, on-the-go sling silhouette gets a high-fashion upgrade, and it’s shaping up to be one of the It bags of the season.
It’s all about the details for spring 2020 with statement-making buckles (both in your face and more subtle) front and center on the coolest handbags.
That mini bag you tested out last season? Well, it’s shrinking to an even daintier size for spring. Sure, it’s not the most practical pick out there, but it sure is cute.
On the other end of the spectrum, the oversize tote lives on as a must-have to store your entire life. Seriously, the more XL, the better.
Say hello to the 2020 version of the bucket bag with slouchy, drawstring-accented carryalls reigning supreme as the new going-out bag.
Woven bags and basket silhouettes feel more sophisticated than ever in sleek, structured shapes to bring a polished yet playful spin to any outfit.


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